Vivisection: WWAIL

WWAIL 2014





Every year, the week surrounding April 24 is known as the World Week for Animals In Laboratories. This year, the event runs between April 20 – 27. WWAIL is an annual international event which aims to educate the public on the plight of animals used in experiments. Tragically, Australia uses more than 7 million animals each year to test everything from weapons and drugs to household cleaners and cosmetics. There are several ways we can diminish the number of animals used in research:


  • We can divert money away from the animal testing companies by choosing to purchase only the products that are on the Choose Cruelty Free List. This list gives an assurance that neither a company’s products nor its raw ingredients are tested on animals at any stage of the production process. (People with iphones can also download a free App from their website which provides instant product information whilst shopping.)


  • We can actively call for a ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics. Following the recent ban in Europe, there is now a push for that same ethical standard to be enforced locally. If you would like to help implement a ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics in Australia, contact Choose Cruelty Free to request some campaign postcards, which can be signed and sent to our decision makers in Canberra. (The government will decide on an outcome in May 2014.)


  • We can avoid donating money to charities that fund animal experiments and instead choose to donate money only to those medical charities that are not engaged in animal testing. A list of ethical charities can be found on the website of Humane Charities Australia.


  • We can support the important work of Humane Research Australia as they promote ethical scientific alternatives to animal based research. Wine drinkers might even like to purchase a nice bottle of red from Goodwill Wines, a business which donates a portion of its profits to HRA. (Wine purchases will also help the winemaker, David Laity, who lost his home in the Black Saturday fires). More details at this link .


  • We can register as Organ Donors, which will subdue the current enthusiasm in medical circles for transferring body parts from animals to humans (known as xenotransplantation). Information about becoming an organ donor can be sourced from the Government website Donate Life .


  • We can educate ourselves about the facts of vivisection as it relates to medical experimentation. Visit some of the links on our main page to learn the truth about vivisection as it occurs around the world.