Vivisection: Cancer Conspiracy


The Great Cancer Conspiracy


1940: Cancer was responsible for approximately 12% of Australian deaths.

1990: Fifty years later, cancer was responsible for more than 25% of Australian deaths.

2012: Today, one in two people are expected to be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime.

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation admits that cancer is now the number 1 killer in Australia!







After many decades of research and billions of dollars globally … still no cure??

Many doctors have discovered and successfully utilized non-toxic treatments for cancer in clinical practice. Those doctors all have one thing in common – they were all investigated and then harassed by the medical giants. Their families and their patients were approached and intimidated, their clinics were raided, their medical files seized, and their treatments discredited. Many of them were dragged through lengthy court cases and some were even jailed for the unforgivable crime of healing sick people.

The Independant Cancer Research Foundation in the US says: “Everything you know about cancer comes from Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Big Media, Big Charity, and Big Government, and everything you know about cancer is designed to make the people in these organizations very wealthy! … Medical doctors were curing cancer with herbs in the mid-1800s! However, the pharmaceutical industry crushed all cures for cancer when American politicians sold-out the American people around 1910. But that was just the beginning …”


Quotes from People who know…


“There have been many cancer cures, and all have been ruthlessly and systematically suppressed … by the cancer establishment.”… Dr Robert C Atkins

“Everyone should know that most cancer research is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them.”… Linus Pauling Ph.D. (Nobel Prize recipient)

“No profitable business will ever try to eliminate itself. That is why no cancer cure will ever come from the Cancer Industry.” … Ty M. Bollinger… Author of Cancer – Step Outside The Box 

“A huge financial house has been built on the paradigm of purging the body of cancer cells. You’ve got all this ‘stuff’ in the war against cancer – and it’s trillions of dollars… All this money keeps pouring in – and it all goes to the same guys.” … Julian Whitaker M.D…. Whitaker Wellness Institute

“There are laws against healing cancer. The doctor is not allowed to try anything else – he must use only those treatments that have already proven to be failures. Imagine what we could do if (Gerson Therapy) could be accepted! But there are laws against it – you are not allowed to heal – there is too much money to be made on drugs.”… Charlotte Gerson… Daughter of Dr Max Gerson 

“Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade, yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors.”… Dr Allen Levin

“Why do the authorities forbid alternative medicine? Because they are serving the industry, and the industry cannot make money on herbs, vitamins and homeopathy. They cannot patent natural remedies.”… Dr Guyliane Lanctot… From her book The Medical Mafia.


YES !!


This medical article reveals how CHEMOTHERAPY spreads cancer 




Cancer  —  Cause and Cure


As far back as 1930, it was discovered (by Dr Otto Warburg) that cells only become cancerous when starved of oxygen. A healthy cell metabolises oxygen and glucose to create energy, but a damaged cell is depleted of oxygen, which forces it to create energy using glucose alone. The result of this inferior metabolic process creates an acidic environment in and around the cell. Cells in an acidic environment use huge amounts of sugar, create very little energy, and replicate themselves uncontrollably for no purpose – this is cancer. 

FACT: Cancerous cells cannot survive in an oxygenated, alkaline environment. If the human body is well oxygenated and strongly alkaline in nature, cancer cells will be attacked by the body’s in-built defence system and eliminated via the body’s natural removal processes. (NB: Prevention is always better than cure… The most natural way to oxygenate the body is through exercise, and the most natural way to maintain an alkaline system is to consume foods which maintain the blood in an alkaline state.)


The simplified cause of cancer is as follows:

           lack of oxygen in the cells (hypoxia)

           accumulation of acid in the body (acidosis)

           build up of waste matter in blood and tissues (toxaemia)

           and finally, immune system collapse


The simplified treatment plan for cancer is as follows:

          remove the toxic build up

          boost the immune system

          alkalinize the blood

          oxygenate the cells

          calm the emotions


There is only one cure for Cancer – a healthy immune system !!!







Read more at Chris Beat Cancer .com



Damaged cells lead to cancer


Here are just a few examples of cell damage that may contribute to various cancers:

Cells in the lung can be damaged by chemicals (eg: as in cigarettes, asbestos, etc)

Cells in the liver can be damaged by ingestion of toxins (including alcohol, mercury, etc.) 

Cells in the skin can be damaged by excessive exposure to the harmful UV rays of sunlight

Cells in the breast can be damaged by high hormone levels (absorbed from drugs or animal products)

Cells in the colon can be damaged by inadequate fibre intake (which leads to repeated inefficient elimination)  

There are approximately 60 trillion cells in the human body. Cells inside and outside the human body can be damaged by a number of factors, and once damaged, these cells cannot respirate efficiently. As discussed above, a malfunctioning cell experiences hypoxia and acidosis. The cell is then referred to as “cancerous”, however it may take several million cells to create a tumor that is detectable on any medical scanning system. Healthy cells are regenerating all the time and a healthy body can identify and eliminate any malfunctioning cells. The aim of cancer prevention is to keep the body’s level of health elevated to a point where malfunctioning cells do not get lodged in the system and begin to replicate themselves into the formation of a tumor. This is achievable through correct nutrition.   






It is understood that toxins are passed from mother to child in utero before parturition. Several research projects have found that in the umbilical cords blood of human babies there can be found traces of toxic chemicals, numbering more than 200 different types.

“Our results strongly suggest that the health of all children is threatened by trace amounts of hundreds of synthetic chemicals coursing through their bodies from the earliest stages of life.” Read the full article from the Scientific American.

It is also believed that toxins absorbed after birth (including via infant vaccinations) can contribute.




The Importance of nutrition…


The human body is designed to heal itself – that is why our broken bones mend, our wounds close up, our viruses are destroyed and our infections are overcome. But our body can only do its job if we are diligent about giving it the right fuel to run its equipment. Our cells function via the absorption of micro-nutrients and this process is assisted by enzymes. Everything the body needs is found in fresh, raw plant foods. If you can dedicate yourself to eating 100% raw plant foods, you’re giving your body 100% of exactly the type of food it needs to fight disease.

“That type of diet will heal your body, literally – it will heal it – because the raw vegetables have the ability to cleanse every organ in your body – to detox it basically.”   Bill Henderson, author of Cancer Free

“We must change our nutritional habits to consume at least 75% LIVING and UNPROCESSED foods – those that grow in the ground or fall from a tree. Everything else is hardly worth eating. If we do this we can stop using drugs and even supplements because our food has become our medicine.” Dr. Juergen Buche, ND




Here are just a few examples of doctors curing cancer through nutrition:

Dr Max Gerson discovered in 1928 that he could cure cancer in his patients by adjusting their diet. He noted that a whole foods plant based diet – including the frequent intake of freshly made raw fruit and vegetable juices – created a positive environment within the human body which allowed it to overcome cancerous conditions. He also advocated colonic cleansing to remove dangerous toxic build up. He cured thousands of patients. Dr Gerson was murdered in 1959, shortly after publishing a book about the success of his healing work.

Dr William Donald Kelley cured himself of “incurable” pancreatic cancer in 1964 by eating only plant foods and ingesting pancreatic enzymes. He then went on to treat more than 33,000 cancer patients using the same regime and had a 93% cure rate. In 1969 he was jailed and “prohibited by court decree” from publishing his book One Answer To Cancer

Dr Ann Wigmore, a Lithuanian woman who migrated to the US, founded two health clinics: The Hippocrates Health Institute in 1963 and the Ann Wigmore Foundation in 1985. Her treatment program was based on a raw food diet for optimum nutrition – including a substantial intake of fresh vegetable juices – and a daily colonic cleanse to remove bodily toxins. She became known for having the highest success rate in the world for healing degenerative diseases. She died in a suspicious fire, (at the Foundation) in 1994, which also destroyed what was left of her medical records.


More Recent Data:


2007: A long term study of 1,500 Greek monks found that cancer was almost non-existent in their communities. Over a thirteen year period the incidence of prostate cancer was less than 1% and there was no occurrence of either lung cancer or colon cancer. Doctors from the University of Thessaloniki declared that the monks’ diet played the biggest part in their good health – the monks consumed mainly home grown fruit and vegetables, and bread made from locally grown grains – no meat. 

2009: An article released by Doctors for the Environment Australia states, “Exploration of the patient’s meat intake should be on a par with the history of exercise, smoking and alcohol consumption… The patient should be informed that mortality increases in meat eaters because of hypertension, heart disease and several cancers.”

2011: The ground breaking medical documentary Forks Over Knives proved beyond a doubt that a plant based diet can prevent and reverse diseases in the human body. The researcher behind the largest human health study ever conducted, (now known as The China Study), Dr T Colin Campbell says, “I know of nothing else in medicine that can come close to doing what a plant based diet can do.”




FACT:  “Symptoms of disease are prevented and reversed by nutrition at the cellular level.”

(Quote courtesy of Advanced Scientific Health)

FACT: “(Cancer) is the distal end of an inflammatory process whose cause may be any irritation.”

FACT: “Cancer is the end stage of all disease – without toxemia there can be no disease.”

FACT: “The end is degeneration from a lack of oxygen and nutrients.”

Quotes by Dr John Tilden from his book Toxemia Explained (1926)






Every time we turn around there is a new fund-raising event for cancer research!

Do you know what your money is being used for?



Image courtesy of Brian Gunn (c) / International Association Against Painful Experiments in Animals


When you donate to cancer research, do you know what your money is being used for? Each year, billions of dollars are channeled into medical research, vainly pursuing cures for diseases that are wholly preventable – and easily treatable – via safe non-toxic methods. The biomedical industries declare their ongoing commitment to fighting “the war on cancer” but in truth they are only interested in developing new drugs and treatments that can be patented for financial gain.

Australia uses between 6.5 and 7 million animals each year for “scientific purposes”, but cancers in animals are vastly different from cancers in human beings. Dr Richard Klausner from the National Cancer Institute admitted in 1998 “We have cured mice of cancer for decades, and it simply didn’t work in humans.” Vivisection continues because researchers are offered generous grants by drug companies who know that laboratory studies will help push their products into the global medical marketplace.

“Drug companies .. provide funding for the establishment of hospital buildings, medical buildings and ‘independant’ research institutes” … and … “practicing physicans are intimidated into using treatment regimes which they know do not work. One glaring example is cancer chemotherapy.” … Dr Alan Levin, in his book Dissent In Medicine – Nine Doctors Speak Out.      

“The next time you are asked to donate to a cancer charity, please keep in mind that your money will be used to sustain an industry which has been deemed by many eminent scientists as a qualified failure and by some others as a complete fraud.”… Ty M. Bollinger, author of Cancer – Step Outside The Box 

Knowledge is power. Educate yourself!




Educate Yourself:


Read more about Understanding Cancer: “When a person has cancer it indicates the person has multiple nutritional deficiencies, emotional turmoil, etc. This could be due to environmental, food or lifestyle situations.”

Read more about The Cancer Diet: “You should understand that if you are a cancer patient and you want to survive cancer, you had better become a vegan.”

Read about The Cancer Project and the risks of meat consumption.




“This evidence will stun you! Heart disease. Cancer. Stroke. Three of the leading causes of death around the world.

Diabetes is at epidemic levels even among adolescents. Millions suffer across the globe from degenerative disease.

What if this could all be avoided? What if these ailments could be controlled or perhaps even reversed?”





Please visit this educational website:  


Please watch these educational health and medical films:


Cancer – The Forbidden Cures – Full Documentary

Cancer is Curable Now

The Beautiful Truth: The World’s Simplest Cure For Cancer

Burzynski – the movie – Full Documentary

Dying To Have Known – Part one of Eight

A Delicate Balance


Forks Over Knives  – NOW available in Australia





More About the Cause of Cancer



Acidity and alkalinity are measured on a scale of 1 to 14, with 7 being neutral. Anything lower than neutral is acidic and anything higher than neutral is alkaline. The human body requires an alkaline state to remain in good health – ie: a pH of 7 or above. When the body becomes acidic – ie: pH of less than 7 – the blood can’t transport oxygen efficiently around to the organs. Cancerous tumours can only grow in an environment which is deoxygenated and acidic. This was medically proven in 1930 by Dr Otto Warburg – Nobel Prize recipient.

Things that cause acidity in the body:

–          consumption of sugar, (NB: cancer cells need sugar to proliferate)

–          consumption of animal products, refined or processed foods and additives

–          negative emotions, (which release the acid producing hormone called cortisol)

–          absorption of un-natural toxic matter (through skin, via inhalation or via digestion):

  1. chemicals in household products
  2. pesticides in and on our food and water
  3. leaching from plastic vessels that hold food or drink
  4. the chemical cocktail that is in vaccinations
  5. leaching from amalgam (mercury) fillings in teeth
  6. environmental pollution
  7. pharmaceutical drugs





The most comprehensive health study ever conducted has drawn irrefutable conclusions between the consumption of meat and dairy products and the prevalence of our worst diseases. Visit: 


Are You Ready to Begin Healing?

The Treatment of Cancer:

“Diseases are but symptoms of nutritional deficiencies combined with retained toxins.”  Dr Juergen Buche, ND

“The truth is that there is but ONE disease, and that the four hundred catalogued so-called diseases are but different manifestations of toxemia – blood and tissue uncleanliness.” … J.H.Tilden from Toxemia Explained.


The simplified treatment plan for cancer is as follows:

          remove the toxic build up

          boost the immune system

          alkalinize the blood

          oxygenate the cells

          calm the emotions



–          hydrate (to assist in flushing metabolic waste from the blood)

–          sweat (to replicate fever, which is a body’s natural elimination method)

–          use enemas (to eliminate toxins via the digestive tract as fast as possible)

–          give your body raw fruits and vegetables that will assist in the detox process



Never believe you’re the victim of genetic predisposition to any disease. Dr Dean Ornish has proven that changes in diet and lifestyle can bring about changes in our genetic patterns. Common illnesses are seen to be repeated through families or through communities simply because the same unhealthy diet and lifestyle patterns are repeated through the generations and through cultural habits. Healing the body starts with taking personal responsibility.


Other Factors to Assist Healing:


–          meditation or breathing techniques

–          yoga or tai chi or something similar

–          engage in arts and creative activities


Right Attitude:

–          stay positive about your situation and about the possibilities for healing

–          acknowledge the message from your body that it needs to be cared for

–          be grateful for the opportunity to make important lifestyle changes


Energise and Exercise:

–          exercise to stimulate your immune system and oxygenate your body

–          get outdoors for some fresh air to help oxygenate your body

–          get sunshine because your body needs to absorb Vitamin D




Professional Treatment and Support in Australia:

The Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions (QLD) 

Aims and activities:

Our Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions is by nature solutions-focused with an emphasis on collaborative cancer medicine. We help patients assemble a team of caring experts devoted to achieving best patient outcomes. We co-ordinate and fine tune these teams using the collaborative approach. Working within these frameworks we aim to bridge existing gaps in cancer medicine – giving patients the time and emotional care busy doctors and specialists can’t provide.

Through our services we provide solutions across a range of problems encountered by cancer patients. Through providing knowledge of proven therapies we seek to empower each person to become a motivated and proactive member of their health care team. Through education we help traumatised cancer patients avoid the lure of sophisticated scams and unproven or dis-proven ‘miracle cures’ that dominate the internet.

Policy on animal research:

We are not involved with any animal research and do not support animal research.

Contact details:

PO Box 880, Paradise Point QLD 4216
Tel:   07 .5577 .2997
Fax:  07 .5577 .2997



Curing Other Diseases

Raw plant foods coupled with natural healing can also be used to overcome other epidemic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and many others. “Cancer is the most severely degenerative change of the body, the most serious damage to all the body systems and defences. If that’s reversible, then all the other chronic diseases are reversible. And it’s true – that’s what we’re seeing.”… Charlotte Gerson (daughter of Dr Max Gerson)


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