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Vegan World


The world is whatever we want it to be . . . 

In recent months we have seen several Australian slaughterhouses in the news due to extreme animal abuse, (Trafalgar ,    Hawkesbury Valley ,    Murrumbateman ,    Laverton   ,    Tahmoor  ,   Corowa  &  Oakford ).    Every act of slaughter is an act of violence, and these stories are horrific. They are a sad indictment on the treatment of animals in our society. But they are also a reminder that there is another option. 

Imagine what the world would look like if the next generation of children were to grow up in an all-encompassing circle of kindness, with a well established sense of personal responsibility toward all species. And imagine if our culture promoted peace and compassion as the rule — not the exception…. For many of us, that world already exists. 


The Vegan World is beautiful !!   . . . . . . .    Come and join us !!



 liz-at-edgars-mission final      Portia n Buddha2

 Pam, Liz and goats @ Edgar’s Mission (AU)                         Portia and Buddha @ The Gentle Barn 



Web Kelly edit             Patty and Roo

Kelly and calves @ Freedom Hill Sanctuary                  Patty and Roo: (AU)


Web ALISTAIR Bur Jodi          HaroldBrown

Alistair, Bur and Jodi @ Edgar’s Mission: (AU)                 Harold Brown : FarmKind – (USA)



Web Kym          Web Issy and Lynne

Kym @ Freedom Hill Sanctuary (AU)                            Lynn and Isabelle @ Freedom Hill Sanctuary


 Web Jess Lily LC    Web Kathy with sheep

Jess, Lily & Leigh-Chantelle @ Edgar’s Mission: (AU)       Kathy & lamb: (AU)  Vegans Are Cool



Web Matilda          Web Gentle Barn

Emma holding Matilda @ Brightside (AU)                               The Gentle Barn (USA)


 Web Gem & Kez    Web Noah with Roksanda Ristich edit

Kerryn kissing Gem (AU)                                           Noah holding piglet during a rescue (AU)


piggy and little girl      Web bovine love

Fudge and Eliza @ Brightside Farm Sanctuary (AU)                      Brightside Farm Sanctuary (AU) 


Web untitled 1                                Web untitled 2

The Gentle Barn: (USA )                                                            The Gentle Barn: (USA)



Web pam ahern       Web Marilyn and Hester 

Little John and Pam @ Edgar’s Mission: (AU)                  Marilyn and Hester (AU)



Web Patty        Web Fadjen and Christophe

Little Prince, Patty and Lulu (AU)          Fadjen and Christophe (France)


Jenny and Dylan         Jenny holding Ophelia edit

Jenny and Dylan at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary                           Jenny and Ophelia (USA)


Scott                      Love

Scott & Dinks @ Bed and Broccoli  (AU)        Sarah & Harrison: Farm Sanctuary (USA) Photo: Connie Pugh


Corey             Corey 2

Corey with Carly and with Polly : (AU)  images courtesy of Wild Fire Vegan Magazine


Hayley and bunnies       Barry and Victor edit

Hayley and rescued friends (AU)               Barry and Victor at Sanctuario Wings of Heart (Spain)



. . . The vegan world is beautiful !!


Thank you to all those above for sharing their photos on this page.