Vegan Faces

Vegan Faces 


Dr Andrew Knight                                                                Mandii Conroy

Veterinarian and Animal Ethicist                                     Barista

Founder of Animal Advocacy websites                            Interested in nutritional medicine

Vegan since 1993                                                                   Co-founder of Tall Oak Farm                                                     Vegan since 2006


Vivienne Ortega                                                  Philip Wollen OAM

IT Student and Writer                                       Businessman and Philanthropist

Animal Advocate                                                 Founder of the Winsome Constance Kindness Trust

Vegan since 2005                                                Vegan since 2001                                



Ben Cadby                                                                              Alice Shore

Vegan Chef & Animal Advocate                                        Cosmologist & Animal Advocate

Permaculture Gardener                                                      Former AU co-ordinator of INRA

Vegan since 2006                                                                 Vegan since 1986



Leigh-Chantelle                                                                              Rob Wog

Singer / songwriter and Vegan Educator                                 Tattoo Artist and Musician

Operator & Owner of                           Owner of Down To Earth Vegan Cafe`

President & Founder of Green Earth Group                           Vegan since 1996

Vegan since 1997                                                                



Dr John Green                                                                    Rev. Barbara Allen

Specialist Family Physician                                             Minister of Religion

Author, Speaker, Chef, Coach                                         Former Chaplain at the Lort Smith

Vegan since 1999                                                              Vegan since 2005, vegetarian since 1973                                    


Helen Marston                                                                                          Noah Hannibal

CEO of Humane Research Australia                                                   IT Professional and Animal Activist

Creator of the Animals Matter TV series                                             Competitive Weightlifter

Vegan since 1997, vegetarian since 1978                                         Vegan since 1991, vegetarian since birth                                                    



Sacha Kubik                                                                                       Menkit Prince

Occupation: “keeping mummy and daddy busy”                      Author of the Essential Oil Cookbook

Vegan since birth – 2008                                                                Animal Advocate and Kangaroo Activist

Vegan Baby:                                       Vegan since 1988

Vegan Parents Group:                 


Beatrice Ortega                                                           Aaron Scheibner

Engineering Trade Pre-Apprentice                        Philm Maker: Documentaries / Social Justice

Animal Advocate                                                        Director and Producer of A Delicate Balance

Vegan since 2006                                                       Vegan since 2005, vegetarian since 2004



Dr Joe Sampson                                                            Sandy Anderson

University Lecturer in Mathematics                        Businesswoman & Animal Advocate

Singer, Composer, Pianist, Performer                     Founder of Veganpet company

Vegan since 1994                                                          Aspiring vegan since 1983

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Katrina Fox                                                                                              Quinn

Freelance Journalist & Animal Rights Advocate                              Musician & Animal Advocate

Editor-in-Chief: The Scavenger                Vegan since 2007

Vegan since 1997