Quotes: Vivisection


Vivisection Quotes

“If I still believed in the usefulness of animal experiments, I would say: Let’s do them. However, I’ve come to realize that they are not only useless, but moreover highly damaging for medical science, owing to their unreliable results. So if I advocate the abolition of vivisection it is not because I am concerned about animal suffering, but out of my concern for human health.”
Professor Croce, former vivisector


“I abhor vivisection. It should at least be curbed. Better, it should be abolished. I know of no achievement through vivisection, no scientific discovery, that could not have been obtained without such barbarism and cruelty. The whole thing is evil.”
Dr Charles Mayo, Co-Founder, Mayo Clinic


“The real choice is not between dogs and children, it is between good science and bad science; between methods that directly relate to humans and those that do not.”
Robert Sharpe, Ph.D., The Cruel Deception.


“It is impossible to arrive at any satisfactory conclusion in regard to cancer in man by experimenting on animals.”
Robert Bell, M.D., Vice President, International Cancer Research Society


“Results from animal tests are not transferable between species and therefore cannot guarantee product safety for humans… In reality these tests do not provide protection for consumers from unsafe products, but rather are used to protect corporations from legal liability.”
Dr. Herbert Gundersheimer


“Practically all animal experiments are untenable on a statistical scientific basis, for they possess no scientific validity or reliability. They merely perform an alibi function for pharmaceutical companies, who hope to protect themselves thereby.”
Dr Herbert Stiller and Dr Margot Stiller


“Animal studies are done for legal reasons and not for scientific reasons.”
Dr James Gallagher, 1964, Director of Medical Research, Lederle Laboratories


“The virtue of animal model systems to those in hot pursuit of the federal dollars is that they can be used to prove anything – no matter how foolish, or false, or dangerous this might be. There is such a wide variation in the results of animal model systems that there is always some system which will ‘prove’ a point. Fraudulent methods of argument never die and rarely fade away. They are too useful to promoters…”
Dr Irwin Bross, former Director of the largest cancer research institute in the world, the Sloan-Kettering Institute, then Director of Biostatics, Roswell Park Memorial Institute, New York


“Toxicologists are…pursuing an illusion of safety using animals to fulfill political and legal obligations. As if to confirm our suspicions, some drugs are marketed and clinical procedures undertaken despite ‘failing’ animal tests!… But if animal tests are sometimes ignored, they can also be used to imply certain advantages of a company’s new product over existing drugs… On the other hand, the fact that animal tests are misleading can form the basis of a company’s defence against claims about one of its products… So, if animal experiments are misleading, they are at least flexible: they can be deemed inapplicable when necessary, ignored when convenient and used to imply important advantages over competing products.”
Dr Robert Sharpe


“Most research today is just repetitious protocol, done to write papers, to complete educational requirements, and to obtain federal grant money…. for the sake of research is an end itself.”
Dr Andrew Salm, former animal researcher


“The only thing I care about is whether the monkeys will turn out a property that I can publish.”
Dr Harry Harlow, vivisector


“Animal experiments only have an alibi function for the purpose of obtaining money, power and titles. Not one single animal experiment has ever succeeded in prolonging or improving, let alone saving, the life of one single person”.
Dr Heide Evers


“The practice of the vivisection of living animals stands condemned by its very humanity. The fact that intellectual and educated men are engaged in the pursuit is no evidence of its rightfulness and value. Intellectual and educated men have been guilty of the greatest crimes in history.”
Dr Walter Hadwen


“Animal experiments lack any scientific validity and reliability in regard to people . They only serve as an alibi for the drug manufacturers, who hope to protect themselves thereby.”
Drs H & M Stiller


“There are no alternatives to vivisection, because any method intended to replace it should have the same qualities; but it is hard to fid anything in biomedical research that is and always was, more deceptive and misleading than vivisection. The only genuine alternative to vivisection is therefore abolition.”
Prof P Croce MD, former vivisector


“There isn’t a single genetically manipulated mouse that has been used to produce a drug that cures a disease.”
Kathleen Murray, director of transgenic services at Charles River, New Scientist, Feb 2002


“82% of UK doctors don’t trust results gained from animal testing.”
Europeans for Medical Progress


“In the UK, more than 10,000 people a year die from the side effects of medicines prescribed by doctors.”
British Medical Journal


“How many more people have to die before we admit there is a problem with animal testing?”
Dr Ray Greek


“It is a denial of the fundamental principles of evolutionary biology, modern-day molecular biology and genetics to continue using non-human primates as models for human neurological diseases.”
Europeans for Medical Advancement (EMA)


“There is strong scientific evidence that animal-based testing is grossly inaccurate in evaluating how a drug or product will affect humans, and is a grave risk to the health and safety of people and animals alike.”
Dr Ray Greek

“We now recognize the medical experiments performed on non-consenting humans last century as some of the gravest crimes in recent history. Yet we perform analogous experiments on members of other species as “legitimate” medical research. This is arbitrary speciesist bias at its worst.”
David Pearce