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BOOKS about Interspecies Communication


AUSTRALIAN BOOKS – Visit the authors’ websites via the main page


Angels Who Came with Fur and Four Paws by Pamela Adams

Through The Eyes Of A Cow by Jodi Sareeta Ruckley

Secret Animal Business by Billie Dean

Bobby’s Diaries – Straight from the Horse’s Mouth to You by Jenny Pearce

Zen Connection with Horses by Jenny Pearce

How I Learnt and Healed Through Spirituality by Eliane Barben

HeartSpeak by Leonora Faferko

Your Talking Pet and How to Answer Back by Ann Walker

Cat’s Company by Ann Walker

The Mystic Life of Animals by Ann Walker

The Power of the Cat by Ann Walker

Our Precious Pets by Amanda DeWarren




Communicating with Animals by Arthur Myers (ISBN) 0809231492

Learning their Language by Marta Williams 1577312430

Ask your Animal by Marta Williams 9781577316091

You Can Talk to Your Animals by Janine Adams 158245177X

How to say it to Your Dog by Janine Adams 0735203504

Animal Voices by Dawn Baumann Brunke 1879181916

Kinship with All Life by J Allen Boone 0060609125

Animal Wisdom by Anita Curtis 0595180221

What the Animals Tell Me by Sonya Fitzpatrick / Pat Burkhart-Smith 0786862599

Conversations with Animals by Lydia Hiby / Bonnie Weintraub 0939165333

Straight from the Horses Mouth by Amelia Kinkade 0609607693

The Animal Connection by Judy Meyer

Animals…Our Return to Wholeness by Penelope Smith 0936552107

Animal Talk by Penelope Smith 158270001X

Conversations with Dog by Kate Solisti-Mattelon 1582700389

Talking with the Animals by Patty Summers 1571741089

Beginner’s Guide to Animal Communication by Carol Gurney 159179109X

Language of Animals by Carol Gurney 0440509122

What Horses Say by Anna Mews / Julie Dicker 1570762767

Horses Talking by Margrit Coates 1844131092

Healing for Horses by Margrit Coates 0806989637

What Animals Tell Me by Monica Diedrich 0738706299

Pets Have Feelings Too by Monica Diedrich 0971381232

Dogs that Know when their Owners are Coming Home by Dr Rupert Sheldrake 0609805339

Cat Talk by Sonya Fitzpatrick 0283073217

The Calico Shaman by Carla Person 0974414506

Spirit Of the Horse by Carole Devereaux 1884422241