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Welcome to the home of the




We are a local network for sharing information and resources.

 BARN exists to offer education and support services to locals in the Bunyip area.


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* Visit our sister site, courtesy of the Bunyip Volunteers Association

* Check out the animal photos taken by local photographers

* Find out about our current and upcoming events

* Visit our lost & found page for local animals



 * We can loan books and DVDs about animal rescue & protection

* We can loan carry crates for small animals on a short term basis

* We can provide a Humane Educator for local primary school visits

* We can co-ordinate networking opportunities for likeminded locals

* We can direct individuals to contacts & services for specific issues

* We can offer bereavement support for those affected by animal loss


         BARN would like to thank the following:

* Cass Martinez of Horse Whispers for being our official Sponsor
* The Speak for Animals website team for hosting our webpages
* The Bunyip Volunteers Association for creating our mirror site
* The Bunyip Vet Clinic team for judging our photo competitions
* The Bunyip Community News for printing our monthly updates
* The Bunyip community for utilising our networking opportunities