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Apologies to anyone who was inconvenienced by the BARN newsletter for the month of May regarding the Million Paws Walk in Warragul last month. It appears the Warragul event was cancelled after the newsletter went to print.

Are you enjoying a bit of TV in front of the fireplace on these chilly winter nights? Some locals have commented lately that their favourite TV show is Vet On The Hill. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet! Friday nights at 7:30pm on channel 9.

Frustrating news this month: The Australian government’s promise to ban the sale of animal-tested cosmetics has been delayed by a full 12 months. Implementation of the ban, which was to begin on 1 July 2017, will now be postponed until 1 July 2018. A petition which originally called for the ban, and is endorsed by at least 35 Australian animal protection groups, continues to circulate and gather an ever increasing number of signatures. If you would like to add your name to the petition visit this link:  Ban Cosmetics Tested On Animals.

We can confirm that the local Wildlife event in the Bunyip Hall will take place on Saturday 22 July. It is a free event and will begin at 2pm. There will be an interactive panel of rescuers in attendance to answer questions from the community, and there will be a presentation from representatives of the Mange Management group. Please register via the Wildlife Victoria website: We look forward to seeing you there!!

Caring for the environment is an important way to help animals, and July is plastic free month. Learn more about this at the website of Plastic Free July: To help reduce waste and landfill, some businesses are now making reusable coffee cups available, which is a great idea. In Bunyip these cups are available from Biddy Martha’s café.

For those who are looking at ways of removing animals from their dinner tables, String and Salt in Warragul are now offering plant based cooking classes. Click on the link to visit their website for more details.


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”




Thank you to all who responded to calls for help back in March, regarding the rehoming of an elderly cat and the adoption of some kittens. All felines have now gone to their new families, and we wish them well as they settle into their new lives. We are especially grateful to the family who has taken in the elderly cat, allowing him to live out his days in peace and comfort after his human companion was transferred into nursing care.

The RSPCA Million Paws Walk is on again, Sunday 21 May, and sadly it seems that the Warragul walk will not be taking place this year. The closest event will now be Traralgon, starting at 11am and going until 2pm, starting at Agnes Brereton Park. Registrations are required by 10am on the day so be sure to arrive early if you intend participating. Details for all the Million Paws Walk events can be found on the following website:

Another exciting event coming up is the WildBytes afternoon in the Bunyip Hall. The WildBytes events are free educational sessions in regional Victoria, presented by Wildlife Victoria and supported by the RACV. Our Bunyip session is locked in for Saturday 22 July. Our community is fortunate to have access to one of these events. It should be a fun afternoon and everyone is welcome. Entry is free but registrations are requested so that organisers can prepare the appropriate space. Visit the website to register:

More details will be provided in the June BARN newsletter and flyers will be up around town in the coming weeks.

Monday 5 June is World Environment Day and Thursday 8 June is World Oceans Day. One very important way to help animals, especially native animals, is to take care of their habitat. Visit the international website to see what’s happening locally, and around the world, and to discover the many ways you can get involved in these events:

Just a reminder that the BARN email address is :  Please use this address if you require a speedy response to your enquiry.


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There is no newsletter for April.



What beautiful autumn weather we’re having !!

Apologies for the recent lack of updates – we should be back on track again now.

Firstly, a callout for help from a south-eastern vet: There is a lovely old “Burmese” type cat desperately in need of a retirement home after his elderly lady goes into a senior citizen’s home. This feline is a sweet 18 year old, needing somewhere quiet to live out his days in comfort. As you can imagine, he is running out of options… He does require some dental work, however, there is no adoption fee. His situation is urgent!! If you think you can help, please contact Ruth on 0434 919 756.

Secondly, we have a mumma cat and her 7-week-old kittens who are in need of homes. The kittens are up for adoption at $125 each, which covers the desexing surgery and a microchip for each of them. The mumma cat is not yet one year old, so she is also classed as a kitten. Click on the image below to see a larger version of these kittens who are needing homes. If you are able to welcome a young feline into your family please contact:  Carol on 0457 336 183.




Just a reminder that the BARN email address is :   Emails are still arriving at our old address, which is not regularly checked at this time. Please use the new address if you require a speedy response to your enquiry.

And please note, any injured animals, and any lost or found animals, need to be reported to the local vet clinic. All domestic animals should have microchips in place which will, (after scanning at the vet clinic), help them get home quickly. And all injured wildlife needs to be given a medical assessment before being handed over to a wildlife carer for nurturing and rehabilitation. The local vet clinic usually is our best asset when it comes to helping local animals.

Wombats might be the one exception though… BARN has received calls for help regarding wombats with mange in recent weeks. We direct all such enquiries to the good people at Mange Management, who can provide advice and mange treatment kits to locals who need support. Visit their website at:

Over summer, BARN members were involved in the rescue of a tiny duckling from a local farm. The baby, just a couple of days old, was the sole survivor from an abandoned nest. Thank you to all involved, especially the property owners, who facilitated the rescue. The duckling is now in care with an experienced carer in the south eastern suburbs.

As always, please keep an eye open for snakes, who are still active during autumn, and who still pose a risk to your safety and that of your animal companions. Snakes are protected by law, so if you do cross paths with them, please contact the local snake catcher: Geoff Lockwood:  0428 352 203.

Do you enjoy a bit of guilt-free shopping? Local business Velvety is now stocking a range of cruelty free cosmetics and fair trade chocolate!! Everything in the store is vegan, organic and ethically produced. Visit Lorena’s website to view the newly arriving products and to hear the latest news about special offers that are available to locals:

We love business owners who love animals!! So also check out That Vegan Hairdresser!! Based in the main street of Drouin and servicing the wider Gippsland area, Shannen is a colour specialist and beauty therapist extraordinaire. Visit her page on Facebook and see what magic she’s capable of. All enquiries can be made via phone:  5625 5203.  Only cruelty-free products are used in the store, which means no animal testing!!.

A ban on using animals for cosmetics testing in Australia is right now being discussed in government circles, and although the government has expressed its plan to end the practice, this is not yet a firm commitment. The wonderful people at Choose Cruelty Free are encouraging all consumers to have their say via the government’s open Consultation Paper March 2017.  Please follow the link to read the official document and make an online submission before the end of March 2017 to influence the government’s policy making and to help reinforce the ban on testing that is currently being considered:  Consultation Paper link.

Don’t forget Earth Hour on Saturday 25 March. Switch off all your lights between 8:30pm and 9:30pm and help to save the planet! Visit the website for more info:

Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”





There is no newsletter for February. Sorry!