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Summer is finally here! Great to enjoy some sunshine, but remember to be ever mindful of the dangers of snake bite. Regional vet clinics stock up on anti-venom for the summer season, so if one of your animal friends does have the misfortune of being bitten, don’t delay, and get them to the nearest vet clinic for urgent treatment. (For snake removals, visit the Contacts page of the BARN website to find the details of the closest snake catcher.)

Summer also means fire season, so be sure to have an evacuation plan in place, just in case your family needs to leave home in a hurry. Ensure you have enough cages and carriers available to contain smaller animals for transporting. But be sure to have a plan in place for the larger animals too because the practicalities of evacuating large animals at short notice can prove difficult. Contact the local CFA if you need further advice for the fire season.

A local cat rescue organization, Moggie Moments, is urgently looking for foster carers for some adorable feline friends. Contact BARN for more details, or visit the Moggie Moments promotional page on Facebook, to find out how you can help. Short or long term housing arrangements for a wide range of beautiful cats would be most beneficial at this crucial time, coming into the Christmas season. Email:

Thank you to those who participated in the online surveys regarding companion animal behavior which were advertised in last month’s newsletter. Results from the surveys are now displayed below.

The most recent newsletter from the Mange Management team, Wombat Prints, is now available. Visit their website to read the newsletter or to learn more about their excellent work:   They are also still collecting ice-cream container lids and washing powder scoops, if anybody has any to spare. These items are used to make mange treatment kits. Please contact BARN if you have any of these available:

Our final recipe link for 2015 comes from the popular Australian institution known as The Cruelty Free Shop, (which now has shopfront outlets in both Sydney and Melbourne as well as the original online store). The free recipes can be accessed at this web address:

Thank you to the Bunyip and District Community News for another year of printing our monthly BARN updates. The team does a wonderful job of helping us network with the local community, for the benefit of local animals.


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”



Survey results:

Feline Survey results: 50 responses

Despite cats being known for having a highly strung nature, the majority of respondents (70%) said their cats were relaxed or playful. A lesser percentage (24%) reported that their feline friends were timid or shy, and the remainder (6%) said that their cats were either “angry” or “easily upset”.

With regard to showing aggression toward their humans, the majority (66%) said that there was an occasional lashing-out, but only when the cat was pushed out of his/her comfort zone. A large portion (28%) said that they had never received any aggression from their cat, while only a small number (6%) said that their cat expressed aggression on a regular basis.

More than half the respondents (56%) reported that their cat had never had a toileting accident, while a further number of people (42%) said that their cats did have an occasional accident but only when there was a reason for it. Only a very small number (2%) said that toileting accidents were frequent. It is important to realise that there could be several factors impacting on toileting accidents, including some of the following: medical conditions, the availability and hygiene quality of the litter trays and the level of anxiety within the environment.

Regarding the vocalisation of feline friends, most people (68%) reported that their cats talk quite a lot, with a smaller portion (32%) reporting that their cats vocalised only occasionally. Nobody responded that they’d never heard their cat’s voice.

The question about cats and their ability to interact with other cats attracted the most varied responses. Cats ranged from totally agreeable to completely hostile. Much of this variation will relate to the personality of the individual cat, but is also impacted upon by other factors, including: their gender, their desexing status, the proximity of the other cats, the frequency of interactions, etc.

Almost half the respondents (47%) replied that their cat would tolerate some contact with other cats but only on his/her terms. This was an expected response. One fifth of respondents (20%) said they are living in a multi-cat household and reported that their feline friends enjoy good relationships with each other most of the time. The remaining replies (33%) were at the extreme ends of the scale: evenly split and polarised. Eight people said their kitty was totally relaxed and “loves everybody and everything”, contrasted with the remaining eight people who reported that their cat “can’t stand the sight of any other cat”.


Canine Survey Results:  30 responses

Five specific behaviours were assessed in the canine survey: chasing cars, barking, chewing, digging and jumping up on people.
Chasing cars was not a common problem, with the majority of people (90%) reporting that their dogs never chased cars. A further 7% said “occasionally”, while only the remaining 3% felt that chasing cars was a problem behaviour.
For the question about barking, the majority of respondents (80%) said that their dog’s barking was never a problem, and that even if their dog did express themselves vocally, there was usually a reason for it. The remainder (20%) indicated that the barking frequently continued until it became a nuisance.
Regarding chewing, more than half (53%) said their dogs didn’t chew things they shouldn’t. A further 17% said that their dogs only chewed occasionally but it wasn’t an ongoing problem. The remaining 30% indicated that chewing was a behaviour that had a negative impact for them.
Digging was not shown to be a common problem for the respondents. Half of those surveyed said that digging was an occasional habit but not causing a problem, while 44% said their dogs never dug holes at all. The remaining 6% expressed frustration at frequent garden excavations.
Jumping up on people was a more significant behaviour, with 66% reporting that it happened occasionally, but also indicating that they could tolerate the playful jumping from an excited pooch. A further 24% expressed that jumping up did become a nuisance behaviour.
In summary, chasing cars and digging holes were the least common behaviours that posed problems for the families in this survey. Overwhelmingly, the three most common behaviours that made a negative impact on those surveyed were in order of intensity: chewing things, jumping up on people, and excessive barking. While jumping up can be modified or rectified using appropriate training techniques, the issues of chewing and barking are more likely to be reduced or eliminated via environmental enrichment.




The first day of November was World Vegan Day – a global celebration of all things cruelty-free. The event at the Melbourne Showgrounds was celebrated by more than 15,000 people and some of those visitors travelled from Gippsland to enjoy the festivities. Put it on your calendar for next year – if you love animals, it is an occasion not to be missed.

BARN has been gifted with a bunch of booklets from the Melbourne event which explain the importance of animal protection as it relates to conservation and the environment. The information contained in the booklet is current and specific to our Australian conditions. Any school children who are working on end-of-year assignments for Social Studies, Geography or Sustainability are welcome to a free copy of the booklet. Simply send us an email to request a copy:

On Sunday 15 November, the Best Friends Pet Superstore in Pakenham will host a feline adoption day in conjunction with Second Chance Cat Rescue. This rescue group is doing some great work. If you can’t make it on the day, visit their Facebook page to browse all the wonderful cats and kittens they have on offer.

A local Vet Nursing student is inviting the community to complete a very brief online survey regarding companion animal behavior – just five questions, taking up approximately one minute of your time. Participants may choose between a survey for dog behavior or a survey for cat behavior, (or may elect to complete both). The surveys are looking at the frequency and intensity of certain behaviours in these two species. The surveys are only open until Friday 20 November. Results from the survey will be available after that date and will be posted here next month. Links to the surveys are as follows:




Because November is Vegan Month, the recipe link for November comes from the popular Australian project called Vegan Easy. The project website has a bunch of excellent dishes, ranging from simple to gourmet, and all recipes are accompanied by colourful photos. Access the free recipes at this web address:


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”






The BARN’s annual Animal Photo Competition closed on 30 September. Thank you to everyone who submitted images, and thank you to the team at the Bunyip Vet Clinic for selecting the winning photo. Congratulations to Denise Cervasio from Pakenham who took the winning photo, which features a pair of kangaroos in her flower garden. The beautiful photo is now on the  BARN Photos   page:

The weather has warmed up in a hurry! This brings with it some seasonal risks… most notably the increase in fire danger, and the potential for snake bites. BARN and the local CFA both have information sheets regarding keeping animals safe during fire season. Let us know if you need a copy of the fire safety sheets.

Contact information for the local snake catcher, Geoff Lockwood, appears on the  Contacts   page of our website. Remember that snakes are native animals, and as such, all of them are protected by law.

Compassion in World Farming are inviting people across the globe to take part in an exciting social experiment, one which is easily conducted in just a few minutes, over your computer and in the privacy of your own home. To access this project, simply click this   weblink.

Sunday 1 November is World Vegan Day, with this year’s Melbourne event again being held at the Melbourne Showgrounds. It is a fun, family day when animal lovers of all shapes and sizes gather together to celebrate a cruelty free lifestyle. The event starts at 10am and goes through until evening. Trains will be running directly to the Showgrounds for this year’s event, which makes getting there even easier! The festival will feature food, fashion, and an art exhibition, all with an animal focus. Many animal rescue groups will be there on the day. Full details about stall holders and entertainment options can be found on the website:

The recipe link for October comes from Animals Australia, a free download from the website Make Food Good: The cookbook is available as a complimentary pdf file. (File size is approximately 12.3 MB).


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Spring is here!! And how good is this amazing weather!

The BARN’s annual Animal Photo Competition will close on 30 September. Just a couple of weeks left to get those images in to us! We’ve already received some lovely images, and we look forward to a few more in the coming days. Please send images in jpg format to the new email address:

On the 19 – 20 September Melbourne will be hosting the second annual Australia New Zealand Intervarsity Moot on Animal Law. It will be held at the University of Melbourne in Parkville, and comes to us courtesy of Animals Australia and Voiceless. Registrations for 2015 are now closed, however those interested in law, and how the law relates to animals, can access further details about the event here:

Thursday 24 September is known annually as Remember Me Thursday. It is a day when all the companion animals who never knew a loving home are remembered through a candle lighting ceremony, and it is an awareness campaign which highlights the tragedy of millions of potential pets being euthanised every year around the world simply because there are no homes available for them.  The take home message from this event is “Don’t breed or buy while shelter animals die“. Last year more than 130 countries were represented by the organisations that took part in this global ceremony. Visit the event website for more info:

The first week in October is Be Kind To Animals Week. Visit the website to learn more about what type of events have been organized for 2015:

Sunday 4 October is World Animal Day! Many local churches will hold their annual Blessing Of The Animals Mass, so keep an eye on local papers and community flyers to find out where these services are being held.

On 4 October BARN will announce the winner of the photo competition. Good luck to everyone who has submitted entries, and keep them coming until the end of the month!

Also on World Animal Day there will be a rally in Melbourne called the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. It is an international event calling attention to the sad state of some of our most threatened species. Attendees will gather at Federation Square at 10:30am and march to the steps of Parliament House on Spring Street. Special guest speaker for this event will be wildlife conservationist Dr Tammie Matson.

The recipe link for September comes as a generous gift from Sian Graham, author of the spectacular cruelty-free cookbook, The Vegan Pantry. Visit the front page of the website: to access a copy of Ms Graham’s recipe e-book, available as a complimentary pdf file. (File size is approximately 5.9 MB).


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”






Please note: BARN has a new email address:

The BARN’s annual Animal Photo Competition is in full swing. The competition opened on 1 July 2015 and entries will be accepted via email until 30 September. As per usual, there is no entry fee, but photos must have been taken within West Gippsland, and the photographer must be a West Gippsland resident. Only 3 entries per person may be submitted. Please send images in jpg format to the new email address:

Saturday 22 August the AWARE wildlife group in Carrum Downs will be holding a microbat workshop for anybody who is interested. More details are on the Aware Wildlife website. It is an all-day event, set to be held around the Frankston area, and the price for attending (non-members) is $45. Visit their website to make a booking for this workshop:

A couple of environmental events are scheduled this month, including World Water Week: August 23 – 28, and Keep Australia Beautiful Week: August 24 – 30. Visit the website at:   Let’s do what we can to look after the planet, it’s not just good for the animals but also for the coming generations of people.

Reinforcing the strong environmental message, and it’s relevance to humans and animals, is the release of the spectacular and much anticipated new film called Unity. Hitting US cinemas this week, it should soon be available for Australia viewing. Watch the trailer at this weblink:

The recipe link for August goes to the website of Post Punk Kitchen:   An assortment of tantalizing cruelty-free dishes are arranged in groups, themes and ingredients for ease of selection.


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”







July is National Desexing Month all around Australia. The benefits of desexing are many, including the elimination of some common life-threatening health conditions such as testicular cancer in males and uterine infection in females. In addition, accidental breeding causes many problems, and responsible members of the community will choose not to contribute to the overpopulation of unwanted animals. More information can be found at the website of the National Desexing Network:

The BARN still has a young female cat in care needing a special home. Tinka is a pretty, black and white, short haired moggie. She is very sweet, but very shy, so she requires a quiet home with no children. She will need to be an entirely indoor cat, which makes her perfect for cuddles on the couch during these cold winter evenings. All her vet work is done, and she is microchipped and up to date with her parasite control. Contact BARN if you would like to meet her:   or

The BARN’s annual Animal Photo Competition is on again soon. The competition opened on 1 July 2015 and entries will be accepted via email until 30 September. As per usual, there is no entry fee, but photos must have been taken within West Gippsland, and the photographer must be a West Gippsland resident. Only 3 entries per person may be submitted. Please send images in jpg format to:   (Please note the new email address).

The recipe link for July comes from the website of an animal protection group called UPROAR:   A selection of sweet and savoury dishes are featured there, along with some colourful photos that make those dishes even more appealing.

July 27 is National Tree Day. Please plant a tree or shrub and help the community to expand the natural habitat for our native animals.

Saturday July 25 the AWARE wildlife group in Carrum Downs will be holding a rescue and transport workshop for anybody who is interested. More details are on the Aware Wildlife website. It is an all-day event and the price for attending (non-members) is $45.

August 17 is the RSPCA Cupcake Day, a fundraising event which uses baked treats to fight animal cruelty. Read more about Cupcake Day at this web address:


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”








The winter weather is certainly upon us now and the elements in Gippsland can be extremely harsh. Our larger animal friends out in their paddocks will require ample shelter from the rain, hail and wind, as we try to keep them out of the mud. Most of our smaller friends are lucky enough to be able to come in from the cold. Elderly animals especially have a difficult time during the colder weather, with the signs of chronic arthritis becoming much more obvious. Remember that there are many things that can be done to ease discomfort, including thick layers of bedding, heated sleeping areas, nutritional support, and of course veterinary care including joint formulas, anti-inflammatory medications and pain relief.

The BARN has a young female cat currently in care who is needing a special home. Tinka is a pretty, black and white, short haired moggie. She is very sweet, but very shy, so she requires a quiet home with no children and ideally no other animals. She will need to be an entirely indoor cat, which makes her perfect for cuddles on the couch during these cold winter evenings. All her vet work is done, and she is microchipped and up to date with her parasite control. Contact BARN if you would like to meet her:

Lots of people choose to make an end of financial year tax deductible donation to a worthy charity. If this is your practice, please keep in mind all the needy organisations that do wonderful work to save and protect animals, including our local wildlife groups, and the rescue teams who work so hard to advocate for large and small domestic animals.

The BARN’s annual Animal Photo Competition is on again soon. The opening date is 1 July 2015 and entries will be accepted via email until 30 September. As per usual, there is no entry fee, but photos must have been taken within West Gippsland, and the photographer must be a West Gippsland resident. Only 3 entries per person may be submitted. We look forward to receiving your wonderful images from the start of next month:

The recipe link for June comes from the website of a local couple who run raw food classes. They live on their organic farm in Beaconsfield with their four rescued Scottish Highland steers – very handsome boys indeed! Visit their website to check out their yummy, healthy recipes, and to view the details of their upcoming raw food workshop on 18 July.  

It’s been a while since the BARN has hosted a local event, but stay tuned. We are hoping to organize something soon so that animal lovers in the local region can gather and enjoy the company of like-minded others.


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”







Thank you to all who bought raffle tickets and left coin donations for the BAST Cat Rescue club. The funds raised are going towards supporting the many rescued cats who are currently under the care of BAST cat club volunteers. Congratulations to Ebony Anderson, who is the winner of the grooming voucher.

Well done to the Bunyip IGA grocery store for their initiative in reducing plastic bags! Because plastic bags take so long to break down in the natural environment, they become a hazard in our waterways and take a huge toll on our native animals. It is wonderful see the enthusiasm with which the local community is supporting this initiative by taking their own reusable shopping bags to the store.

Another great project promoting environmental sustainability and animal protection is The Orangutan Project. Their website explains the devastating effects of the palm oil industry and offers useful ways for consumers to avoid being a part of that destructive cycle. Do you know which products contain palm oil? Visit the website to find out more:

For younger lovers of wildlife there is an educational quiz available on the website of Aware Wildlife Rescue. It is a task most suited for primary school students and is a fun way for them to pass some time. To access the quiz simply visit:

Sunday 17 May is the RSPCA’s annual Million Paws Walk. There is a walk taking place in Warragul again this year. For more information follow this link:

Many people were outraged last month by the media reports of live baiting in the local greyhound industry. The Bunyip Vet Clinic is currently hosting a donation tin on behalf of the Greyhound Safety Net, which exists to rescue the racing dogs which are no longer wanted or are at risk of being inhumanely discarded. You may like to take a brochure from the front counter of the clinic to learn about the good work of this organisation. Please support their efforts if you can:

Continuing our current theme of environment and sustainability, don’t forget that Friday 5 June is World Environment Day! Why not visit a local nursery during May or June and select a hardy native shrub to plant in the garden – something which is sure to attract native birds and offer shelter to small native mammals.

Our recipe link for the month of May comes from a side project of Animals Australia called Unleashed and is specifically tailored to suit a youthful audience. Animal lovers can enjoy experimenting with a multitude of recipes featured on the website, and can also sign up to the regular Unleashed e-newsletter. Access the recipes at this link:   Happy baking!

Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”







The Mange Management newsletter for Autumn is now available, which keeps us up to date with the latest information on wombat assistance in the local area. The newsletter has been sent to all on the BARN’s e-mailing list, but for those who are not on our list, the newsletter can be accessed on the Mange Management website:

During April there is a fundraiser running for the BAST Cat Rescue club. They have raffle tickets located on the counter of the Bunyip Vet Clinic, with the prize being a $100 grooming voucher, and which is being drawn in early May. The BAST cat club has been generous in helping animals from the local area, so next time you’re going past the clinic please pop in and purchase a ticket or make a gold coin donation to help them along with their wonderful work. Thank you to the Bunyip vet clinic for having the raffle tickets on their counter.

April 20 – 26 is the World Week for Animals in Laboratories. (Website: There are lots of medical charities in Australia calling for public donations, which they then channel into medical research that utilises laboratory animals. Most people aren’t aware of the options available to them when it comes to funding good causes. Humane Charities Australia, (in conjunction with Humane Research Australia), has recently launched a free App for smart phones which will offer users information at their fingertips about which medical charities do not fund animal based research. For people who care about what their donations get used for, this App is invaluable. It can be sourced online via the App store or directly from the Humane Charities website:

On Thursday April 23 there will be a function at Stella’s pantry in Warragul showcasing cruelty-free food and cosmetics. Tickets are $20 and are selling fast. Visit their website or their Facebook page for more details, or call them on 5611 0869 to book your place:

Saturday May 2 is the Cardinia Shire’s annual Sustainability Expo. Mark it on your calendar! To practice a sustainable way of living is a win-win for everybody – for the people, for the animals and for the planet! The Expo will take place at the Cardinia Cultural Centre, Lakeside Boulevard in Pakenham, between 10am and 3pm, and entry is free. Click on this link to visit the event webpage.

May 4 is International Respect for Chickens Day. To encourage respect for chickens we are sharing an animated You Tube clip from the Fry’s food company, which not only promotes chicken alternatives, but also explains how saving animals can assist with saving the planet. Watch their clever cartoon clip at this link.

Our recipe link for the month of April takes you to the website of popular Australian plant-based cook, Adele McConnell. The gourmet recipes on her site are arranged into cultural categories, and the amazing photos will make your mouth water:   Happy baking!


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”







BARN has been contacted in recent days by members of the public from all across the Cardinia Shire concerned about the kangaroo cull that is set to take place at the Bayles Fauna Park. Many are angry that a relocation program has not been enacted. Local wildlife rescue groups are aware of the situation and have informed BARN that relocation is a viable option. For all enquiries or to voice any concerns, contact the Cardinia Council’s Environment Group by phone (1300 787 624) or via the report form on the Cardinia Shire website:

During March and April the Australasian Bat Society is promoting their annual Bat Night events. The Society does some wonderful work for the conservation of these incredible little creatures and it is keen to welcome members of the public to join their organization or to simply get involved with their regular “bat counting” endeavours. For more information visit their website:

For lovers of Australian birdlife, just a reminder that duck season starts on the 21st of this month and runs until June 8. Anyone interested in participating in the rescue of injured waterbirds is encouraged to contact the Coalition Against Duck Shooting via their website:

March 28 is the day designated for Earth Hour. On that day between 8:30pm and 9:30pm everyone is encouraged to turn off their lights to save power. This is one small incremental step toward reducing the greenhouse emissions that contribute to global warming. Of course any step we take toward protecting the planet is a win-win situation for both ourselves and our animal friends.

On that note, we applaud the Bunyip IGA store for proactively launching their own re-usable shopping bags. What a wonderful initiative, and one which the local community can easily support! Reducing plastic bags is a great way to save wildlife, and particularly marine life, who frequently die after consuming discarded plastic bags that have found their way into the ocean.

For those interested in the effects that our lifestyle habits have on the planet, Meat Free Week is on again between March 23 and 29. Their website has loads of information about how cutting out meat is good for your health and good for the planet – as well as saving animal lives! So our recipe website for March is linked to the Meat Free Week website and features lots of colourful photos:

Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”







There have been additional “lost and found” notices since our January update. Please check the lost and found page on the BARN website to stay up to date with local issues. In particular, there is a Jack Russell still missing from the Bunyip area. She is microchipped. Any animal who is found wandering should be taken to the nearest vet clinic for microchip scanning, as that is the quickest way to get them home to their families. BARN is also keen to locate the carers of a young galah who was picked up on Bunyip-Modella road in early February:

Thank you to all who participated in the brief survey last month relating to the Euthanasia of an Animal Companion. The local vet nurse who created the survey reports that more than 100 responses were collected. If participants would like to receive a summary of the survey results please email the BARN and we will forward the summary to you:

The World Animal Protection Society has made available free information packs to help people develop contingency plans for their animals in the event of natural disasters, such as bushfires and floods. These packs are available online and are free to download. Follow this link to the website and select a pack for the species that is relevant to your family:

For those interested in the protection of wild animals, there is a recently developed campaign called Breaking The Brand, the brainchild of Melbourne businesswoman Lynn Johnson, which is working hard to dismantle the illegal trade in rhino horn. It is estimated that in South Africa alone, one rhino is killed every nine hours. Their website has some excellent information but be warned that some of the images on the site are confronting:

Late last year, Lynn White from Animals Australia wowed audiences with her inspiring presentations as she spoke to packed auditoriums around the country under the title Becoming The Best We Can Be. Those presentations have ultimately evolved into a DVD production which encapsulates a progression of ideas about how we can create a better world – for humanity, for the environment, and of course for the animals. The DVD is now available to purchase, but the footage is also available to watch online for free at this link.

Our recipe website for February — featuring an extensive range of colourful dishes which are yummy, healthy and cruelty-free — is an Animals Australia side project called Why Veg: … Happy baking!


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”






Happy New Year to everyone. The BARN team has been kept busy in recent weeks with wildlife rescues, runaway dogs, and kittens in foster care. Never a dull moment!

But to celebrate the start of 2015 we have one gorgeous calendar to give away which features lots of magnificent animal photos. If you don’t yet have a 2015 calendar send us an email and we will pop you in the draw. The winning entry will be pulled out of a hat on Australia Day. If you are the lucky winner we will contact you after the draw on 26 January:

Considering that Monday 5 January was National Bird Day, a website that may be of interest to many locals is Birds In Backyards. It is an exceptional resource that bird lovers can use to identify the various avian species that they encounter, and sightings can also be logged in using the online form. There are some great tips on the website about creating bird habitats, and there’s some good advice relating to the appropriate use of bird feeders and bird baths. Visit the website for more information:

For many animal lovers, January has been renamed as Veganuary – this is an inter-continental project being promoted by animal protection groups from the UK, the US and Australia. As vegan ideals become more popular in the wider global community, this website is a handy tool to source facts and information on the benefits of living a vegan life. The site offers inspirational stories from a diverse range of advocates, (from well known celebrities—musicians, actors, even politicians— to regular folks), about how easy it is to live a life that is kind to animals. But possibly the most popular feature of the website is the recipe section which features a range of attractive dishes that come from all over the world. Visit the website to learn more and to drool over the mouthwatering photos:

A local lady who is currently studying her Diploma of Vet Nursing is inviting animal lovers to participate in a brief survey relating to the Euthanasia of an Animal Companion. Animal lovers can access the survey at this link:  Survey   All responses must be received by 25 January, and a summary of the survey results will be available to participants in mid-February:

Just a reminder that there is still a petition on the counter of the Bunyip Vet Clinic calling for an animal welfare liaison unit to be established within the Victorian Police Force. Thank you to all who have signed so far. The first full page of signatures has been posted off to the organisation in NSW which created the petition.

Finally, please remember to always ensure your friend’s microchip details are up to date by following the directions on the BARN’s Lost and Found page. We want everybody who gets lost to make it home safely as quick as possible.


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”