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Thank you to the Bunyip CFA for inviting BARN to their Open Day, which took place at the local market on Sunday 30 November. Below is a photo from the day, featuring the local CFA ambassador, Basil the Wonderdog. Contact BARN or the Bunyip CFA if you need any advice on keeping animals safe during the coming bushfire season.CFA2

Remember to keep your animals under supervision on the evenings when fireworks are expected, and always ensure that their microchip details are current on the microchip database in case they go missing. (There is information on the BARN Lost & Found page that explains how to do this.) Remember, the website also has a page of contacts if you need help over the summer break, and the website will continue to be updated regularly.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted BARN this past year asking for information or offering assistance. We have added lots of new names to our electronic mailing list and it has been wonderful to chat with people at local community events.

If you have not yet signed the petition to request that an animal welfare liaison unit be established within the Victorian Police Force, this can be done at the Bunyip vet clinic. Thanks to our local Animal Cruelty Investigator, Barrie Tapp, for circulating this important petition.

IMG_9845  We have been informed that a very sweet, young female cat is urgently in need of a home, if anyone can help. She is already desexed and microchipped. Her picture appears here, and you can click on the image to see the full size photo. Contact the BARN for more details:

The Media Pick for the Month of December is the newly released book called Turning Points In Compassion, a collection of personal accounts by people whom have been moved to live a better life through their special interactions with animals — wonderful stories of intense experiences which became the catalysts that changed their beliefs and changed their lives.

The book can be ordered through Amazon. For more information visit the website: 

Thank you to the Bunyip & District Community News for printing our monthly updates!

We look forward to networking with everyone again in 2015.

Until next year,  … stay safe,   …happy holidays and… “ be kind to the kritters… ”







We are please to inform you that Mange Management has a new look website: It is very user friendly, and now anybody can easily report a sick wombat via the form “Report a Wombat” on their home page.

Our local Animal Cruelty Investigator, Barrie Tapp, is circulating a petition to request that an animal welfare liaison unit be established within the Victorian Police Force, (as Barrie is currently doing the job of ten men and the major welfare organisations simply cannot cope with their workload). Please contact BARN: if you would like to help circulate this petition, or simply visit our local vet clinic to sign a copy.

The Living Vegan Group of Mirboo North are having a High Tea on Friday the 5 December at 10am, which will be both vegan and gluten free at Cafe Escargot in Mirboo North. The café` owner has put together a selection of dips and cakes, along with a glass of champagne, tea or coffee for $20 per head. Children are welcome and for $5 each will receive a drink and some hot chips. If you would like to go along please phone ahead to book your place: 0408 399 316

We have heard reports of rabbits and poultry dying already from heat stress and dehydration in recent days. Remember that rabbits especially are susceptible to heat, being nocturnal animals and naturally spending their days underground. Take care in the heat to ensure all your animal friends have adequate water and shade.

The Bunyip CFA will be hosting their Open Day on Sunday 30 November, in conjunction with the local market at the recreation ground. Get along and have a chat to them and thank them for their wonderful contribution to our community. Weather permitting, a BARN volunteer will also be in attendance to pass out information on keeping animals safe during the bushfire season.

The Media Pick for the Month of November is the newly released film Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret. It premiered in Melbourne at the Historic Astor Theatre on Tuesday 18 November. The film looks at the detrimental impact of animals on global warming, (which according to a United Nations report is far greater than the pollution from all the automobiles combined), and tries to uncover the reasons why most governments and major environmental groups are choosing to ignore it. The film maker was in attendance for the Melbourne screening. Copies of the DVD will be available late November. Visit the website to watch the film online, order a DVD or view the trailer:

Be sure to check the Lost & Found page too!

Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”








Thank you to everyone who attended the fundraiser evening at the Top Pub on 26 September. Special thanks to Marg and the gang for offering their venue, for adjusting their menu, and for letting our visitors get a little rowdy! A fun night was had by all and raffle ticket sales on the night totalled $206, with all money raised going to local animal rescue outfit, Tall Oak Farm. Thanks to Marg at the Top Pub and Matt at the Bunyip IGA for contributing to our main raffle prize – the Booze Basket – which was won by Jason and Linda of Warragul. Thanks also to Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, Tiani from Nar Nar Goon, who contributed remedial massage vouchers which made up a second raffle prize, and thank you to the musicians who entertained patrons on the night, Kerryn Vaughan and Christina Louise, both from West Gippsland. For those who have asked about donating funds directly to Tall Oak Farm, details will be posted here soon.

The 2014 BARN Animal Photo Competition closed at the end of September. The winning photo was selected by the team at the Bunyip Vet Clinic in early October. Congratulations to Luke Ashby of Bayles, aged 12, who was the first place winner for a second consecutive year, with his gorgeous photo of a cheeky heifer! The runner up photo (of a bee feeding on blossoms) and a highly commended photo (of a native parrot) were both images taken by Bunyip local, Penny Russell. Other submissions for 2014 included dogs, cats, hens and kangaroos. Thank you to the team at the Bunyip Vet Clinic for selecting the winners, and thank you to everyone who submitted photos for this year’s competition. Visit the website to view the prize winning photos:

On a sad note, our team was recently notified that the handsome male kangaroo, whose photograph was entered in the BARN photo competition, was badly injured in a road accident early this month and was euthanised in situ by the attending police. Please be careful when driving country roads, for your own safety and for that of our precious wildlife. His image now appears on the BARN’s photo page, courtesy of the photographer, Denise from Pakenham.

16 October is National Feral Cat day in the US, and while it is still a new concept here in Australia, the process of TNR is being touted as the most effective and most humane method of reducing numbers of free living cats. Read about some the local success stories on the BARN TNR page:  Most importantly, we can all refrain from contributing to the problem by desexing our furry friends before they turn 6 months of age! Let’s not make them pay the ultimate price for our negligence and irresponsibility.

Some news of interest on the political front, with a message that comes directly from Animals Australia: “The Victorian Labor Party has announced that if elected in November, Victorian pet shops will ONLY be allowed to sell cats and dogs from legitimate rescue groups. This could save thousands of healthy animals from being needlessly killed in shelters, and help protect animal lovers from unwittingly supporting puppy factories.” (Election day is 29 November.)

Boomtown Pets in Drouin currently have a bin set up in store for donations of cat and dog food which are collected for the good people at DAWGG – the Domestic Animal Welfare Group Gippsland. If you’re heading through Drouin, perhaps you could drop in and leave a token of thanks for all the hard work that DAWGG carry out. They are currently caring for several abandoned pregnant cats and a variety of unwanted dogs. Visit their adoption page at the Pet Rescue website if you think you can help:

The Media Pick for the Month of October is a book by Australian (now expatriate) veterinarian and bioethicist Dr Andrew Knight, The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experimentation. Dr Knight reviewed more than 500 scientific publications to assist him in the collation of data for this enormous manuscript! An intense read, but an entirely evidence based body of work, and an invaluable reference for anybody who seeks to understand whether or not modern medicine and its ongoing progress requires the sacrifice of innocent lives. This ground-breaking book is available online through Palgrave MacMillan.

Looking ahead to next month, the first day of November is World Vegan Day – a day on which compassion for animals is celebrated with cruelty-free options for fun and food. The Melbourne celebrations are again taking place at the Showgrounds, with this event doubling its floor space for 2014 to accommodate the growing thousands of visitors who are attending the festival. For more details about making lifestyle choices which are in line with your love for animals visit:     For more details about the Melbourne World Vegan Day event visit:


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”








Spring is finally here, and bringing us some very welcome warmer weather. Be alert to the possibility of snakes moving about in the local environment and remember that all snakes are protected by law. So keep your families safe and be sure to call on our local snake catcher if necessary: Geoff Lockwood: 0428 352 203

7 September is a nationally recognised day to commemorate the death of the last Tasmanian Tiger, who died in zoo captivity in 1936. The date is now known as Threatened Species Day.

With our native animals being decimated by the human activities which cause global warming, environmental pollution and loss of habitat, a couple of new initiatives have been developed to assist in the prevention of species decline. Firstly, a website has been launched call The Brink, which invites people to get involved in species protection:, and secondly, a new project has been developed called Turtle Sat, which invites people to log sightings of turtles using something as simple as their mobile phone:    It is devastating to think that in Australia today we have more than 900 species classified as Threatened, which puts them at immediate risk of extinction. Please visit the websites to learn more, and start mapping your sightings of freshwater turtles.

Top Pub Gig 260914We are pleased to announce a fundraiser event for the evening of Friday 26 September, which will take place at the Top Pub in Bunyip. Two musicians will be performing on the night, with raffle prizes up for grabs, and all money raised will be split between the local rescue efforts of the Bunyip Animal Rescue Network and animal sanctuary Tall Oak Farm. The event begins about 6pm. More details are on the poster shown here. (Click on the poster to see a larger version of the image.) We are grateful to the Top Pub for the generous use of their venue. Come along and enjoy a fun evening with us. Meals can also be had  on the night – vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meals are available. Dinner bookings can be made by phoning: 5629 5406 .

With the State Election coming up on 29 November, the Animal Justice Party are currently offering free memberships to increase the party numbers before we have to vote. Their policies are listed on their website and their overall aim is to give animals a voice in the political arena, affording them greater protection from cruelty and exploitation. Visit their website to learn more:

The 2014 BARN Animal Photo Competition is closing at the end of September. We are enjoying the images that are coming in to us. The winning photo will be selected by the team at the Bunyip Vet Clinic in early October and the winning photographer will be announced on World Animal Day, 4 October. See below in the July update to read the conditions of entry, and send your three best animal images to us via email before September 30:

On Saturday 4 October the annual Pet Expo will be held at the Pakenham Produce & Saddlery store, on Bald Hill road in Pakenham. The event will also feature puppies for adoption, which is being organized by the good folks at Melbourne Pet Ambulance. The expo will take place between 10am and 2pm. Get along and enjoy the fun, and be sure to tell any of your friends who might be looking to adopt a new canine family member.

Saturday 4 October is World Animal Day, and on Sunday 5 October the local Anglican church will be holding their annual “Blessing of the Animals” service at 9:30am. All animals and their humans are welcome!! St Thomas Anglican Church is located on A’Beckett road in Bunyip. This is always a fun community event. Let’s hope for nice weather.

Thursday 9 October there will be a free information evening at the Bunyip Hall about the harmful effects of plastic in our environment. There will be discussion about how the community can seek solutions to the problems caused by plastic, and there will be giveaways of eco-friendly products. The event has been inspired by the efforts of the Australian Marine Conservation Society. The session begins at 7pm. All enquiries to Glenda Pitman:

The Media Pick for the Month of September is an amateur video taken in late August of an injured koala being resuscitated on the side of the road by wildlife carers and members of the CFA. The video can be viewed at the Animalia Wildlife Shelter website:   Enjoy!

Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”






First of all, thank you to the local people who have collected ice-cream container lids and washing powder scoops for the Mange Management Program. We are still collecting them on behalf of the Mange Management team. Contact BARN if you have any of these to give away, and they will be passed on promptly:

The Mange Management newsletter for Winter was released at the start of this month and it has been sent out to everyone on the BARN email list. For those not on our mailing list, the newsletter can be sourced at the Mange Management website:

We should mention that August is dental month all around Australia for our companion animals. It is suggested that one in four dogs, and one in three cats, are suffering some degree of dental disease, whether that be plaque build-up, gingivitis, receding gums or even tooth loss. Bad breath is often an indicator of dental disease, so be sure to get your furry friend’s teeth checked next time you visit the local vet clinic. Some excellent information about dental health for dogs, cats, horses and rabbits is available from the Australian Veterinary Association, at the following link.

12 August was World Elephant Day and 16 August was International Homeless Animals Day. You can learn more about each of these events by visiting the respective websites:   and

The 2014 BARN Animal Photo Competition is now underway. Some wonderful images have already been received. There is no entry fee. See our July update (below) to read the conditions of entry, and send your three best animal images to us via email before September 30:

Just a quick reminder that the BARN webpages are hosted on the SPEAK for Animals website. The contact page from the SPEAK website does not come through to the BARN team, so please use our direct email address if you need to get in touch:

Stay tuned for more details about a fundraiser event for local animal rescue groups, scheduled to take place late next month, and which we anticipate will be hosted at the Top Pub in Bunyip. More details will be available soon.

The Media Pick for the Month of August is a new “App” for smart phones called First Aid for Pets. It can be downloaded free of charge, for iphones and ipads, from your app store. It is an educational tool featuring first aid advice for cats and dogs in emergency situations, which may help you save a life when time is of the essence. A link to the app can be found here.

One final note, for lovers of reptiles: there is a reptile workshop being held in the first week of September at Carrum Downs. The presenter is renowned reptile specialist vet Shane Simpson, and the event is being hosted by AWARE wildlife. Visit their website for more details:

Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”








July is National Desexing Month! Desexing has multiple health benefits for your animals, including the avoidance of certain life threatening conditions such as testicular cancer in males and uterine infection (pyometra) in females. When performed at a young age it also reduces the development of antisocial behaviours such as aggression and the marking of territory. In addition, there are the obvious advantages of not bringing more puppies and kittens into a world that can’t care for them. Approximately a quarter of a million healthy dogs and cats are euthanased each year because there are not enough homes. For more information visit the websites of Death Row Pets: and the National Desexing Network:

A special thank you to the kind local people who have been catching and desexing homeless cats. (You know who you are!) There are lots of kitties needing homes in the local area, so if you can help out, please get in touch.

Please note: there are still reports of dogs going missing in the Gippsland area. Police have commented that dog thieves are more likely to steal entire dogs than those who have been neutered – and that’s another good reason to desex.

The first day of July was the opening of the 2014 BARN Animal Photo Competition. There is no entry fee. Send your best animal images to us via email before September 30:     There are only three guidelines for submission:

* Photos must have been taken within West Gippsland

* Photographers must reside within West Gippsland

* Entries are limited to three photos per person

The winning photo will be selected by the team at the Bunyip Vet Clinic and the photographer will be published on the website on World Animal Day—October 4.


Australia, and specifically Melbourne, are being treated to a wave of special guests this year who are champions for our animal friends, starting with Dr Jane Goodall (primatologist and activist) who toured last month. Upcoming events include visits by Professor Peter Singer (author and bio-ethicist) on 25 July, and Sir David Attenborough (broadcaster and naturalist) who is due here in November. These opportunities are too good to miss. Click on the images to see more details for these events.

27 July is National Tree Day. Why not plant an indigenous tree or shrub to help provide habitat for our native animal friends? A list of local indigenous nurseries can be found at this link.


Thank you to Barrie who has sent us a short video of animal rescue footage from around the world. Click on the link to enjoy this clip.

The Media Pick for the Month of July is the locally made radio show, Freedom of Species, which represents “animal advocacy on the airwaves”. The show runs every Sunday between 1 and 2 pm on radio 3CR, and it features news, interviews and music relating to animal protection issues. Podcasts from the radio show are free to download and can be found at this link.

Try to keep your friends dry and warm in this harsh weather. It’s true, the coldest weather is still to come, but let’s be thankful that the shortest day is now behind us!

Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”






Thank you to those in the local community who responded to a call last month asking for assistance to walk two dogs around the Bunyip township. The dogs now have a roster of walkers taking them out for regular exercise while their guardian recovers from ill health.

Here we are again at the start of winter, and June 5 was World Environment Day. To recognize this day Animals Australia have released a short video about saving the planet. The video summarises the simple ways in which we can each play a part in making positive changes to our lifestyles that benefit ourselves, the other animals and the environment. Visit and read about Us and the Planet, or click on this link to watch the short video (2:25 minutes).

The AWARE wildlife rescue organization, based around Carrum Downs, has just added a list of wildlife workshops to their website. Events coming up include specialty sessions on mammals and reptiles, run by local rescue trainers and renowned wildlife vets. Read the details for these workshops, or make your bookings, by visiting the AWARE website directly:

Those who are passionate about helping wildlife might be interested in the newly launched site, Take Extinction Off Your Plate. It is a project of the Centre for Biological Diversity and it links the core values of our recent World Environment Day with practical information about saving animals that we as individuals can embrace in our own lives.

Tall Oak Farm in Longwarry are a privately funded farm animal sanctuary, carrying out rescue and rehoming, and taking in neglected and injured animals who have run out of options. If you are able to assist their important work please visit their funding page to make a donation:   They also currently have in their care a couple of feline friends who need forever homes. If you are looking for a special feline friend please contact them — because adoption is always the best option:

Local resident Kat Dewis is once again collecting bedding (blankets and towels) and other sundries for the Animal Aid Winter Blanket Appeal. Goods can be dropped off at 60 A’Beckett Road in Bunyip, or Kat can be contacted on 0457 847 855. To learn more about how community efforts are helping animals in need, visit the following Facebook page:

For those lucky enough to have pay TV, there is a new series beginning on the National Geographic channel in early July called Yukon Vet. It follows the extraordinary experiences of an animal doctor in the rugged and remote hills of northern Canada as she treats a remarkable variety of wild and domestic creatures. Those without pay TV can enjoy snippets of the show on this National Geographic website.

Be sure to keep an eye on the Lost & Found page , as local animals are listed regularly. And don’t forget that 1 July begins our 2014 Animal Photo Competition so get clicking in the local area with your phones and cameras. We look forward to seeing all your amazing animal photos very soon.

The Media Pick for the Month of June is a newly released documentary called The Ghosts in our Machine. The film, which follows a young photographer as she documents animal exploitation, has already won several awards for its innovative filmmaking and its moving content. Here is a link to the promotional clip and a link to ticket sales. The film has its Melbourne premiere on the evening of Friday 11 July at Cinema Nova in Lygon street, and the film maker will be in attendance. The event is being hosted by the Animal Justice Party of Australia.


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”





Thank you to those who responded to the call for help last month, regarding the rescued bovines. Placement has been secured at a sanctuary in central Gippsland. Through a network of animal lovers, we were able to make contact with a kind family who is willing to offer a safe haven to these beautiful cattle.

Please note that the Autumn Mange Management newsletter has recently been published. The newsletter can be viewed and downloaded from the website:    The Mange Management team are currently in need of ice cream container lids and washing powder scoops, if anybody can spare some. Contact BARN and we will arrange to pick them up and pass them on:

A local community member who is struggling with ill health has put a call out asking for assistance to walk two dogs around the Bunyip township. They are medium sized dogs and very well behaved. If you would like to help with dog walking on a fortnightly basis, please contact BARN and we will arrange for you to meet the dogs:

There is a wildlife workshop taking place on Saturday 17 May, morwellhosted by WRAP (Wildlife Rescue And Protection), at the Morwell Neighbourhood House in Morwell. The day starts at 10am and runs until about 4pm. There is no fee to attend. A flyer for this event is attached here. (Click on the picture alongside this text, to view the full size image.)

A special home is required for a sweet young cat named Shirley who is currently in foster care at Tall Oak Farm. She is a friendly tabby cat, and her low adoption fee covers just a small part of all her vet work, including desexing, microchipping and vaccinations. If you would like to meet Shirley, follow this link to the Pet Rescue website, where her full profile can be viewed:

For lovers of the burro there is a Donkey Expo at Toongabbie on Sunday 18 May. The event is being run by the Donkey Society of Victoria and entry is free. Visit their website for more details:


Media Pick for the Month:

The Media Pick for the Month of May is a newly published book by local singer/songwriter, author and activist, Kerryn Vaughan. The book, Magnificent Kids!, is a collection of profiles from around the world featuring 23 young superheroes who are protecting animals, helping humanity, and saving the planet. These heart-warming stories will lift your spirits and restore your faith in the human race. Copies of the book are now available for sale. More details about the book, including purchasing information, can be found at the companion website:     (A discounted price is available until the end of May. Visit the website to retrieve the special promotional code.)


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”



Baw Baw Shire held its inaugural Pet Expo on Sunday 6 April. It was a successful day, and one which we hope will be repeated annually. Thank you to volunteers, Ania and Amanda, for staffing the BARN table on the day. A photo from the Expo appears on our Events  page.

April 22 is International Earth Day, as designated by the United Nations. It’s a day to reflect on our resource use and to consider the impact our choices have on the rest of creation. More information can be found at the website:

April 20 – 27 is the World Week for Animals In Laboratories.. WWAIL is an annual international event which aims to educate the public on the plight of animals used in experiments. testing_billTragically, Australia uses approximately 7 million animals each year to test everything from weapons to drugs to household cleaners. One of the ways we can reduce the number of animals used in laboratories is to call for a national ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics, which would bring Australia into line with other countries. If you would like to help work towards this goal, simply pick up a campaign postcard from inside the Bunyip Vet Clinic and send it to our decision makers in Canberra. Full details are on the postcards, and we thank the Bunyip Vet Clinic for carrying the campaign cards. You may like to sign and share the petition at this link. And you can read more about WWAIL at this link.

Wildlife Rescue Magazine have recently released issue 9. As always, it is a high quality journal, dedicated to our unique Australian animals. While printed copies can be purchased, the digital version is also available for free viewing on their website:

Since BARN often receives emails about animals who have gone missing, the BARN website now has a Lost & Found page, hoping to help reunite animals with their families as quickly as possible. Please remember that if you have found a stray animal, the quickest way to get him/her home is to have them scanned for a microchip at the local vet clinic. NB: Vet clinics do not charge for this service.

A local animal rescuer is seeking a paddock to house two rescued bovine friends – one young steer and one young heifer. If you have space and would like to offer accommodation for these two, please call:  0498 253 145

Finally, we know there are many chicken lovers in our community. (What’s not to love?) Did you know that Sunday 4 May is International Respect for Chickens Day. An incredible video is being circulated on the internet about a very special Australian ex-battery hen who found refuge at Edgar’s Mission Sanctuary —  Little Miss Sunshine. For your viewing pleasure, follow this link to watch the video .

Media Pick for the Month:

Apropos to International Earth Day, some locals have commented to us that they have recently enjoyed watching the movie NOAH at the Warragul cinema. While the film is not suitable for children, animal lovers over the age of 15 will find it well worth viewing. Screening times can be found at the website of Peninsula Cinemas:


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”




(NB:  See our new Lost & Found animals page here:

Apologies to anyone who has been trying to contact BARN via email in the past 3 weeks. Our system was down for quite a while, but our regular email address ( ) is now functional again.

Late last month there was a scare in the Bunyip community caused by houses being “tagged” by what were thought to be potential dog thieves. Local police investigated several of the tagging incidents and they suspect that much of the tagging was the work of pranksters. While this incident has simmered down for the time being, it should be remembered that dog fighting is a very real phenomenon in Australia, and dogs are occasionally stolen for this purpose. Please be diligent about keeping your animals safe, and continue reporting any suspicious activity to police.

There are some noteworthy events this month: 3 March was the United Nations’ inaugural World Wildlife Day, aimed at raising awareness of all endangered species around the world. 10 – 14 March was Be Cruelty Free Week, a global campaign to end the testing of cosmetics on animals. And in the spirit of sustainability and animal protection, the days between 24 – 30 March have been designated as Meat Free Week. Follow the links to learn more about any of these campaigns.

In mid March, both the Greens and the Labor party will be pushing for a ban on animal tested cosmetics in Australia, bringing us into line with other countries who have already made such a commitment. A link to that story can be found here. The campaign to end this unnecessary cruelty is a global one, and you can help by adding your name to the universal petition at this link.

There is a new café just opened in the main street of Drouin which caters to vegetarians and vegans. The business owner of Souls Voice Café` has generously given the BARN several “special offer” coupons to share with locals. If you would like a free cupcake or muffin when you purchase a coffee or tea from the café`, simply send us an email with your details by 24 March, after which time we will draw out five names and send a “special offer” coupon to each lucky recipient.Peanut

Special thanks goes to the kind local people who recently trapped some homeless kittens on their respective properties and handed them over to the BARN. The first little rescue kitten, affectionately named Peanut, is approximately 11 weeks old and she loves to be cuddled. She has been desexed and vaccinated, and is currently in foster care at local animal sanctuary, Tall Oak Farm.

Tall Oak Farm is run by hard working locals, Mandii and Josh, who do an exceptional job of helping animals in need. Follow these links to watch an interview  with them and to visit Tall Oak Farm’s Facebook page . They are currently fundraising to assist their efforts of rehabilitation and rehoming. If you would like to donate to their animal rescue work visit:

A local rescuer is looking to place two bovine friends, (a young steer and a young heifer), in emergency accommodation at a local agistment paddock for a short period of time. Please contact BARN if you have a paddock available and you would like to help: barn@speakforanimals.infoBandi

There is a Bandicoot Information Night coming up in Cranbourne on Wednesday 19 March, starting at 7pm. For more details please click on the flyer shown here:


Media Pick for the Month:

This month we have selected a poem as our Media Pick.  Al Ma’arii, (born in 973 AD),  was a blind Arabic philosopher and a master of the written word. It is said that he “believed in the sanctity of life, urging that no living creature should be harmed. He became a vegetarian and opposed all killing of animals, and the use of animal skins for clothing.” Follow this link  to read his beautiful poem about respecting animals.


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”





According to the website of Dog Theft Tracking Australia Wide, Bunyip has been recently targeted by dog thieves. Dogs are regularly stolen to use in dog-fighting rings, either as fighters or as bait. Bunyip police have received calls from locals about houses and fences being “tagged”. Tagging is a type of code used by the thieves to identify the properties that dogs might be stolen from. Police are taking reports seriously. Similar activity has been reported recently in other towns between Pakenham and Warragul so please stay alert and report any suspicious behaviour to Bunyip police 5629 5205. If possible, please also log in any relevant news at the DTTAW website:

market dogs

Thank you to our volunteers, Robyn and Christina, who attended the first Bunyip market on our behalf. They reported having a wonderful morning, catching up with a few familiar faces, meeting some special canines, handing out literature, selling dog shampoo and hearing some heart-warming animal rescue stories from locals. Thank you to everyone who visited our table.

Thank you to the McLean family of Bunyip for their kind donations of cat food, cat carrier, medicine and other assorted items, which were kindly given to BARN following the recent passing of their beloved moggie, who reached the incredible age of 23 years!! The items have been shared with other local rescue groups and individuals who have a use for them. All recipients are very grateful.

The summer edition of the Mange Management newsletter is now available thanks to the hardworking team based in Maryknoll. Visit their website to learn more about the excellent work they are doing for wombats and to download their current newsletter:

Some of our BARN members and friends attended the recent Black Saturday Bushfire Memorial Picnic in Bunyip. Despite the warm weather, the event attracted a great many people, and from all reports it was a moving occasion. It was a time to pay tribute to all those who had assisted and responded during the emergency, and a time to remember all those who were affected by the bushfire tragedy, not forgetting the animal victims.

An upcoming date to remember is Saturday 1 March. It is the date of the Pakenham Sustainability Expo, being held once again at the Cardinia Cultural Centre on Lakeside Boulevard, just off the highway, in Pakenham. Entry is free and an exhibitor list is on their event webpage:

Sunday 2 March is Clean Up Australia Day: an annual event which encourages us to celebrate and protect our natural environment, for the benefit of our planet, ourselves and our animal friends. For details about how we can participate in this initiative, visit the official website:

Please note that our hosting website, Speak For Animals, has recently been upgraded so the layout of our pages will look a little different. Please bear with us as our amateur webwizards navigate their way around the new-look cyber-planet.

Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”

Media Pick for the Month:

One of our favourite books of all time is Kindred Spirits by veterinarian Dr Allen Schoen. First published in 2001, it is fast becoming a classic, with it’s lengthy sub-title that reads: how the remarkable bond between humans and animals can change the way we live. You might be lucky enough to snap up a second hand copy on the internet for just a few dollars. Enjoy!!




Thank you to everyone who added their spare WIRESreceiptchange to our donation tin that was sitting on the counter of the Bunyip Vet Clinic in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We were able to send just over $40 to WIRES in NSW for their ongoing recovery efforts for wildlife bushfire victims. Thank you to the Bunyip Vet Clinic for hosting our collection tin.

We have already experienced a week of scorching weather since the new year began. We send our sincere wishes for safety to all in the community and to all your animal friends as we remain mindful of the risks we collectively face. Please keep your survival plans close at hand in case the fires come through this way again. The BARN has bushfire information leaflets, (courtesy of the CFA), available to anyone who would like one. Contact us via email:

On the topic of bushfires, BARN members and friends have been invited by the Cardinia Shire Council to attend the official opening of the Bunyip Black Saturday Memorial on Friday 7 February. We hope to see many of you at the event, (at Koolangarra Park on Hope street), for the twilight picnic between 5:30 and 9:30 pm. While the Rotary Club is providing a free sausage sizzle to the community, vegan options and gluten free options will be available. Come along and join with local families as we remember our regional losses and celebrate our resilience in the face of adversity.

For lovers and protectors of wildlife, please note that issue 8 of Wildlife Rescue Magazine is now available to download free from the internet. Follow this link to gain access to the download:

Bunyip is holding its inaugural Community Market on Sunday 26 January – Australia Day! If you’re not going away for the long weekend, be sure to check out the local market and support this community initiative, which is being held at the Bunyip Recreation Reserve Soccer Ground. If we can find a couple of volunteers who are available on that date, BARN will be aiming to have a presence there at the market.

We look forward to another year of assisting local people and local animals in whatever ways we can. Because of the recent harsh weather, see below for some hints on how to help our animal friends get through summer… (and just for kicks, there’s also a super cool recipe to help us animal lovers survive the seasonal meltdown). For 2014 we’re also adding a new segment called “Media Pick for the Month” so we can introduce local animal lovers to some amazing books, films and websites. The first one is shown below.

Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”



Media Pick for the Month:

Copies of the DVD The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (2002) are available on Amazon for around $10 each. A great buy and a superb piece of film making that all the family can enjoy together.


Keep Cool Tips:

Here are some tips for offering water to wildlife, (from the Macedon Ranges Wildlife Network):

We can help domestic poultry by feeding frozen watermelon cubes on hot afternoons.

Frozen blocks of ice in troughs and drinking containers will help keep the water cool.

Always relocate rabbits and guinea pigs into a cool and shady area on a hot day.

Wet towels can be made available to dogs, cats and other domestic animals.

Horses might appreciate a sprinkle with the hose or a wipe with a wet cloth.

What are your favourite tips for helping animals in the hot weather?



Smashing Summer Smoothie: 2a

2 chilled bananas

4 firm apricots

4 strawberries

1 cup coconut water

2 teaspoons black chia seeds

Blend all ingredients in a blender

Sprinkle with extra chia seeds and enjoy