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Thank you to all who attended the special BARN event on 1 December, and enjoyed the afternoon with our two guest speakers… Barrie and Nigel shared some interesting stories and some valuable wisdom with the group and it was a wonderful afternoon. Photos from the day are now on the BARN “events” page.

Now that summer is here again, please ensure your bushfire survival plans are up to date so that ALL your family members (animals too) are kept safe over this danger period. BARN has a variety of leaflets from the CFA which offer great advice on bushfire protection for animals. Please contact us if you would like some information sent to you through the post or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Because we know too well what the results of bushfire look like, we are currently raising funds to help wildlife recovery after the recent fires that devastated parts of NSW. A donation tin is on the front counter of the Bunyip Vet Clinic until the end of the year. Thank you to the team at the Bunyip Vet Clinic for hosting the tin on our behalf. All money collected will be sent to WIRES in NSW in January 2014.

BARN is also putting out a call for donations of cat food to help out a local cat rescue organization based in Nar Nar Goon. They do some wonderful work of rescue and rehoming and would greatly benefit from any wet or dry food, and even tins of Divetelact formula, especially as it is kitten season. All rescuers currently have their hands full – with more animals expected to arrive in coming weeks as the post-Christmas “dumping” begins. If you can help please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Everyone can help rectify the issue of domestic animal overpopulation. Firstly, always ensure your animals are desexed, and secondly, always choose adoption as the first option for bringing new members into the family. Sadly, there are simply not enough homes available for all the puppies and kittens that are brought into the world. And remember the motto… “there’s no good reason to breed or buy, while shelter animals continue to die.”

Now we are in the season of celebration, we would like to direct people to a website called Balloons Blow. Although not an Australian website, it does show the devastating universal effects that balloons, and especially Helium balloons, can cause to both our environment and to our wild animals. Please note that the site contains some unpleasant images:

BARN would like to thank the Bunyip & District Community News for printing our monthly updates for another year. We are grateful that the sharing of our information is made possible by the hard work of all those who volunteer to keep the newsletter running. They do a wonderful job. Many thanks!

BARN would like to wish the local community a safe and very happy holiday season. (Remember to keep your animals contained during New Year celebrations, when fireworks are expected!) We look forward to networking with lots of you in the coming year.


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”






November is World Vegan Month, which is very good news for animals! Associated special days for this month include World Kindness Day (13 November), Steve Irwin Day (15 November) and the inaugural National Day of Climate Action (17 November). It is very uplifting to see various projects being promoted that move us towards human kindness, animal protection and respect for the environment all in one month!

To celebrate the vegan ethic this year, and to support its goals of promoting kindness to animals, BARN has acquired a stack of Vegan Easy booklets to give away. These colourful and informative booklets include recipes and nutritional advice. The vegan road is an holistic one: Some people do it for their own personal health, some people do it for the planet – but here at the BARN we do it for the animals! Contact the BARN if you would like a free copy mailed out to you: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Following the devastating bushfires in New South Wales in recent weeks, BARN is currently involved in some fundraising which will go towards wildlife recovery in affected areas. For anyone who would like to contribute to the cause there will be a donation tin at the Bunyip Vet Clinic until the end of the year. Thank you to the team at the Bunyip Vet Clinic for hosting the tin on our behalf. All money collected will be sent to WIRES in NSW early in January 2014.

For lovers of the canine family, there is a new campaign recently launched called The Ochre Project, which is an effort to protect and save the iconic Australian dingo. To fully understand the challenges that are facing our native wild dog, visit the website of The Ochre Project where you can learn more about their plight and about the efforts that are being made to help them. There is also a Melbourne event being planned for National Dingo Day on 26 November. Details of this event are on their Facebook page.

BARN has an end of year event planned for Sunday 1 December which is open to the local community. BARN has two guest speakers coming to share their stories and knowledge with all who are interested. Speakers include Barrie Tapp, our regional Animal Cruelty Investigator, and Nigel Williamson from Nigel’s Animal Rescue. (See the flyer below). The event will take place in the supper room of the Bunyip Hall between 1 and 4:30 pm. There is no cost to attend, but we are suggesting that each attendee might like to make a small donation to the NSW bushfire wildlife recovery project as mentioned above. Bookings are required for this event so we can plan afternoon tea for the correct amount of people. Please contact us via email to reserve your place: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Choose Cruelty Free are still collecting signatures in an effort to end cosmetic testing on animals in Australia. Visit their website to add your name to the growing list, calling for an end to this unnecessary cruelty, and hopefully soon bringing Australia into line with our neighbours in Europe:

BARN has added lots of new books and DVDs to our Lending Library in recent weeks. For more information on what type of material is available to borrow, simply contact us via email. We might just have exactly what you’re looking for.

Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”






Congratulations to Luke Ashby from Bayles, (just 11 years of age), whose wonderful photograph of a Friesian calf was chosen as the winning image from our 2013 Animal Photo Competition. Well done, Luke! A special commendation also went to Joanne McComiskie from Catani, for a very sweet photo of her dog, Jack. Prizes have been awarded to both Luke and Joanne. Readers can visit the BARN Photos webpage to see the winning images, along with a selection of other lovely entries! Thank you to all who submitted photos and thank you to the team at Bunyip Vet Clinic for choosing the winning photo. What a difficult task they have to select a winner!

October 4 was World Animal Day, and was celebrated in different ways all around the globe. One significant element of World Animal Day is that many churches host an annual Animal Blessing Service at this time to honour our non-human friends. Along this train of thought, a moving video has been circulating the internet highlighting the journey to compassion as experienced by a man of the cloth, Catholic priest Father Frank Mann. Readers with a spiritual leaning might appreciate this beautiful video, which can be viewed at this link.

Also on World Animal Day, Edgar’s Mission—the animal sanctuary out near Daylesford—released their first book of heartwarming animal rescue stories entitled The Gift Of Kindness. The book has been produced as a fund raising project and is selling for just $20. Funds from all sales will go towards their efforts of running the sanctuary and saving further animals. This beautiful book is available online from the Edgar’s Mission website and also from some local news agencies.

On Saturday 19 October there will be an all-day workshop running in Carrum Downs entitled Medical Care of Injured Wildlife. It is being facilitated by Dr Anne Fowler and is being hosted by Aware Wildlife. This will be an excellent opportunity for locals who wish to learn more about wildlife rescue and care. Cost to non-members is $40. For more details visit:

Between 4 October and 2 November, World Society for the Protection of Animals is promoting their new campaign called Yappy Hour. It is an opportunity for animal lovers to gather together in an informal setting to raise funds for various animal protection activities around the world. Many small events, (such as afternoon teas and after-work drinks), are being created as opportunities to contribute to this project. Visit  to find out how you can get involved in this campaign.

Thanks to the hard working team at Mange Management in Maryknoll, gaining access to information and assistance for mange-affected wombats is becoming ever easier. Their current newsletter is now available and has been sent out to all on the BARN mailing list. If you are not on our mailing list and would like a copy of the Mange Management newsletter, please contact us here at BARN or contact the Mange Management team directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

November 1 is World Vegan Day and the very popular Melbourne World Vegan Day Festival will be held on Sunday 10 November. After having outgrown all its previous venues, the Festival for 2013 will be held at the Melbourne Showground. It is a family event which brings together people who advocate for all types of animals: for wildlife, for domestic animals, and for animals on farms. The event also promotes healthy lifestyle choices for the people and the planet, and will feature food, products and live entertainment. Entry is by gold coin donation. For more details visit:


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”






Thank goodness spring is finally here!! Let’s remember to cover the spouts of our chimneys when we stop lighting our fireplaces, to prevent birds from nesting in the tops. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for snakes as the weather warms up. Yes, it’s that time of year again! A phone number for our local snake catcher, Geoff Lockwood, is listed on the BARN’s contact page.

Thank you to those who attended and/or supported the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society fundraiser in Drouin on 29 August. The organisers raised more than $1,100 for the Society. Several boxes of donated food were also collected to help feed the crew while they are out at sea. It was a great night for a great cause. Well done to all involved.

BARN was the lucky recipient of a cheque from the Bunyip Community Op Shop last month during their annual dispersal of funds. Thank you to the Op Shop committee for providing the BARN team with a generous grant to assist local families with veterinary care for their animals. The Op Shop does a tremendous job of supporting the local community.

BARN also gratefully acknowledges a pet food donation from VeganPet in Nar Nar Goon. VeganPet is the manufacturer of premium quality foods for dogs and cats that are nutritionally balanced and highly digestible, using only human grade ingredients which are ethically and organically sourced – and best of all – no animals are harmed in the making of their products! Visit their website for more details:

This October is a special month for the animal supplies store, Pakenham Produce, as they celebrate their 40th birthday. Every Saturday this month the store will be hosting free animal related events. Visit their website to learn more about what’s happening and join in the festivities:

Don’t forget that the 2013 Animal Photo Competition closes at the end of this month. Some great entries have already been submitted. There is no entry fee. Read the July newsletter below to see the conditions of entry, and send your three best animal images to us via email before September 30: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With October fast approaching, it should be noted that World Animal Day is 4 October. Some local churches are now planning their annual Animal Blessing Service. These special services are usually held on the first Sunday in October. Contact your local church to find out what their plans are.

Speaking of World Animal Day, that is the day BARN will be publishing the winning entry from our 2013 Animal Photo Competition on our website. Be sure to send your best animal images to us via email, by 30 September, to be in the running. Once again, the winning photo will be judged by the team at the Bunyip Vet Clinic and the winning entrant will receive a beautiful gift basket of assorted treats and animal related items. Amongst other things, the gift basket this year will contain a set of animal cards, handcrafted jewelry donated by Wildlife Rescue Magazine, organic Australian made personal care products and edible vegan treats.


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”







Please keep your eyes open for little Sos, lost from Bunyip on 16 August.

If you see him please contact Danielle on 0438 351 289

Our friends at Wildlife Rescue Magazine have notified us that Issue 7 will be available at the end of August, and as always, the magazine is free to download. The magazine publishers are also personally involved in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. You may like to support their work by purchasing some beautiful handcrafted wildlife jewelry made from natural Tasmanian materials. Funds from their jewelry sales are going towards the purchase of a Wildlife Ambulance, so we wish them well with their project.

Thank you to Bunyip resident Wendy Talbot, who is offering clean trimmings of alpaca fleece to anyone in the local area who might have a use for it. The most obvious suggestion (in this cold winter weather) is to use it as stuffing for animal bedding. Alternatively it can be used on the garden as a mulch or weed inhibitor. Wendy can be contacted by telephone if you would like to make use of this generous offer:  5629 5234

West Gippsland locals are lucky to have an opportunity to attend a special event on the evening of Thursday 29 August to raise funds for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Come along to enjoy finger food and live music, as well as a presentation by the Society’s Melbourne Director, Jeff Hansen. The venue is St Ita’s Primary School Hall in Drouin and the event starts at 6:30pm. Tickets are $15. Contact Kate for more information or for ticket bookings: 0407 692 979.

The Federal Election has been announced for 7 September. Animal rescuers are well aware that the Greens party promotes policies that are considerate to our animal friends, however, this year animal lovers have another choice – the Animal Justice Party. Following a trend in European politics, the AJP has been created to reflect the changing attitudes of the Australian people, whom are now less inclined to accept cruelty to (or exploitation of) animals for the purposes of pleasure or profit. For more information visit the AJP website:    See below for a comparison of political parties and their animal policies, for the upcoming Federal Election.

Don’t forget that the BARN’s 2013 Animal Photo Competition is currently underway. Some great images have already started coming in. There is no entry fee. See below (in our July update) to read the full conditions of entry, and send your three best animal images to us via email before September 30: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you to Steve from Drouin who regularly sends us links to exceptional animal stories on the internet. Some of these are so good that we need to share them! Here is a webpage featuring “14 stories that prove animals have souls”. Enjoy!!

Stay warm for the remainder of winter—just a few more sleeps and it will be springtime!!


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”






July is National Desexing Month. Please be sure to visit the website of Death Row Pets to learn more about the issues at hand and why this campaign is so important. You may also like to view the website for a related project known as Getting To Zero:

We are pleased to report that the unowned cat from Tonimbuk, mentioned in our June update, has found a permanent home with a local lady. BARN is grateful to both parties for their efforts in working towards an ideal outcome for this little feline. She has now been desexed, vaccinated and microchipped, and is settling into a pampered life at her new residence in Garfield, under the name of Willow.

In the first week of July the Pakenham Gazette reported that the dog named Rocket — who was wrongly incarcerated for 15 months and awaiting an impending euthanasia due to his perceived appearance as a “restricted breed”— has now been reunited with his Pakenham family. They are thrilled to have him home safely after such a long and drawn out battle. Readers may like to watch the happy reunion via a link to  7 News.

The world has been watching Rocket’s court cases as the Cardinia Shire Council dealt with this volatile situation, since it tested the newly developed Breed Specific Legislation. Rocket’s case has highlighted some major problems with the new BSL laws. On Sunday 7 July the Freedom Of Species radio show on Melbourne’s 3CR dedicated its entire hour to a discussion on the topic, interviewing some prominent persons who are well versed on the subject. The podcast of the show is now available on their site, for members of the public to listen online or to acquire as a free download — linked HERE.  For readers’ interest, here is some useful information on the topic of dangerous dogs, published by the Australian Veterinary Association, entitled Dangerous Dogs, A Sensible Solution.

The BARN has been notified by the regional Animal Cruelty Investigator, Barrie Tapp, that at least two local country markets in recent weeks have had individual vendors selling leghold traps. Mr Tapp has reiterated that everyone needs to be aware of the consequences of dealing in leghold traps – buying, selling, setting or possessing leghold traps can attract fines of $24,000 or 2 years imprisonment according to the Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Act section 15, (see photos below). The community is asked to be vigilant in making sure that if these items are seen floating around at local markets, they are reported directly to the Animal Cruelty Hotline on 1800 751 770

Saturday 20 July, a pet adoption day has been organised by the Latrobe branch of Forever Friends Animal Rescue. It will take place at the PETstock store in Traralgon between 9am and 3pm. Visit the event page at this Facebook link for more details.

Sunday July 28 is National Tree Day. Why not plant an indigenous tree or shrub on your property to help provide habitat for our native animal friends? A list of indigenous plant nurseries in the Cardinia area can be sourced at this link.

Don’t forget that the 2013 Animal Photo Competition is now open. Conditions are as follows:

* Photos must be the original work of the entrant.

* Photos must have been taken within West Gippsland.

* Photographers must reside in the West Gippsland region.

* There is no entry fee, and each entrant may submit up to three photos.

Send your best animal images to us via email before September 30: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”




Illegal leghold traps, like those seen at a local market in early July.



Winter is upon us! Let’s all try to stay warm and dry, and let’s ensure that our animal friends also have adequate protection from the elements in the challenging weeks ahead.

A local Bunyip family is urgently trying to locate the guardian of a homeless kitten who was found along the Tonimbuk road last October. It is believed that she was perhaps 6 months of age at that time. Please take a look at her photo below. If you have any details about where this little feline may have come from please contact the BARN and we will put you in touch with the family who is caring for her. If nobody comes forward to claim her by the end of June, the family will be seeking to rehome her.

Please also see below for a poster relating to a male cat that has gone missing from the Bunyip area. (You may also like to check the notice board in the Bunyip Foodworks store, as there are several flyers posted there regarding other lost animals, including cats, rabbits and a bird.)

For locals interested in Wildlife Rescue, there is an all-day workshop being held in Carrum Downs on Saturday 22 June. It will be hosted by AWARE Wildlife Rescue and is offered at a cost of $45 (for non-members). Registration and payment can be arranged via their website:

In response to enquiries we’ve had about plant based diets, we are pleased to tell you about two exceptional veteran raw vegan athletes, Janette Murray-Wakelin and Alan Murray, who are currently running around Australia to inspire and motivate conscious lifestyle choices, to promote kindness and compassion for all living beings and to raise environmental awareness for a sustainable future. They are raising money for several charities, including Animals Australia. If that wasn’t enough, Janette Murray-Wakelin is releasing a book this month entitled Raw Can Cure Cancer. Janette cured herself of an aggressive breast cancer, more than ten years ago, using a raw-food diet.

Janette and Alan passed through Bunyip in mid January, and are currently running across the Northern Territory. They are completing the equivalent of one marathon every day until they arrive back at Federation Square in Melbourne on December 31, at which time they will have covered approximately 15,500km in 365 days. Visit their website to be inspired by their incredible energy, to support their fundraising campaign, and to learn more about Janette’s book and how she healed from cancer:

GippsTAFE’s Warragul campus is currently taking enrolments for the Animal Studies certificate courses which commence at the end of June. For details about the courses contact Warragul TAFE directly on 5622 8500.

The first day of July is the opening date of the BARN’s 2013 Animal Photo Competition. We look forward to receiving your wonderful images. Photographers must reside in West Gippsland and the photos must have been taken within the West Gippsland region. Each photographer may submit up to 3 images, with the final date for submissions being Monday 30 September. There is no entry fee but images must be sent to us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We would like to congratulate the Bunyip CFA on the development of the local bushfire memorial and we wish them a successsful day on Saturday 6 July, when the local community comes together at midday to carry out the community planting activity at the park on the corner of Main street and Hope street. We encourage BARN members and friends to get involved in the community planting event, which will of course also benefit our local native animals who will find themselves a home in the park.

One final note, slightly off topic… for those who enjoy star gazing, look out for the “super” moon on the evenings of June 22 and 23.


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”


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MAY NEWS  2013

At the start of the month there was some work carried out around the Bandicoot Walking Track in Longwarry, by contractors who’d been employed by the Baw Baw Shire. Some Longwarry locals were concerned about the impact these activities had on the resident bandicoots. The Baw Baw Shire has assured the BARN that all measures were taken to minimise any impact on wildlife, however we would encourage locals to log in bandicoot sightings as often as possible (via this link) so that local bandicoot interest groups can be confident all is well.

BARN is assisting in the distribution of a leaflet from the Baw Baw Shire called the Bandicoot Stewardship Brochure. It has already gone out via email to all on the BARN mailing list, and is now attached here.  For those interested in wildlife rescue, there is an excellent wildlife magazine on the internet, (produced in Tasmania), available as a free download from this link.

Saturday 4 May was International Respect for Chickens Day, an event that was launched by United Poultry Concerns in 2005. To celebrate the occasion, Edgar’s Mission in Willowmavin has shared a brief video about their recent rescue of several hundred chickens from country Victoria. The rescue took place after Edgar’s Mission was contacted by a chicken farmer who’d had a change of heart. The video has gone all around the globe. It makes for inspiring viewing so be sure to click on this link and enjoy it.

Following a brief visit to Australia earlier this month, expatriate Damien Mander from the rescue group International Anti-Poaching Foundation, (now residing in Zimbabwe but formerly a local of the Mornington Peninsula), gave a moving speech about animal protection to an audience in Sydney. The 12 minute video of Damien’s exceptional presentation can now be accessed here on You Tube .

The Pakenham Produce store in Pakenham has just announced a sponsorship of Melbourne Pet Ambulance’s “rescue and rehoming” branch, which is based near Devon Meadows. If you would like to donate money, food or equipment to MPA, simply drop off the relevant items at the pet department of the Produce store when you are next going through Pakenham.

BARN members are currently selling raffle tickets for the equine rescue group Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria. Tickets are $2 each and a comprehensive list of raffle prizes appears on their website:    Tickets are available directly from BARN members during the month of May. For all purchases, contact us via email:

Saturday 18 May there is a plant based nutrition workshop being held in Berwick. The venue is the Body Yoga Studio in Blackburn Square. A great opportunity to learn about getting healthy while saving animals. Visit their website ( or call them for more info: 9796 2500

We would like to thank the proprietors of the Bunyip Bakery for attending to recent enquiries from some of our members. Their bread mixes contain no animal fats and many of their products are dairy free. They have vegetarian pasties available most of the time, and vegan pasties can be made by request. They can be contacted on 5629 5793

Some locals have noted that it has been a long time since our last BARN function. Rest assured, the BARN will be hosting another public event soon. Stay tuned. More details will be added to the BARN website in the coming days.  


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”










Congratulations to Lynette from Bunyip and Faye from Trafalgar who are the lucky recipients of our Animal Aid calendars. We know you will enjoy them! 

Thank you to the locals who donated food and sundries for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society last month. A delegation from West Gippsland travelled to Williamstown and delivered the goods to the famous fleet. They reported that the pier was buzzing with excitement as dozens of families toured inside the vessels, purchased merchandise and thanked the Sea Shepherd team for their incredible efforts in protecting whales and other marine animals.  

April 21 – 28 is the World Week for Animals In Laboratories. WWAIL is an annual international event which aims to educate the public on the plight of animals used in experiments. Tragically, Australia uses more than 7 million animals each year to test everything from weapons and drugs to household cleaners and cosmetics. There are several ways we can diminish the number of animals used in research, but one simple way to help end the cruelty, is to actively call for a ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics. Following last month’s ban in Europe, there is now a push for that same ethical standard to be enforced locally. If you would like to help implement a ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics in Australia, pick up a campaign postcard from the front desk of the Bunyip Vet Clinic and send it to our decision makers in Canberra. Full details are on the postcards, and we thank the Bunyip Vet Clinic for carrying the campaign cards. (Leaflets relating to medical experimentation are on the notice board in the Bunyip local store, or you can visit the SPEAK WWAIL webpage for more information about how you can help reduce the number of animals used for research.)

Monday 22 April is Earth Day all around the globe and it heralds a day on which we might contemplate our carbon footprint and consider our responsibilities to the planet and our planetary companions. Visit the website for more information:    Along the lines of sustainability, there has been lots of discussion in political circles about how plant based diets can benefit the earth. If this interests you, the BARN has several copies available of the booklet Eating Up The World. This comprehensive free booklet makes an assessment of the environmental impacts of our eating habits. If anyone would like a hard copy of the booklet, simply send us an email with your postal address and we will mail one out for you:

As well as being good for the animals and good for the planet, the other aspect of plant based diets is of course related to the many health benefits, and luckily for us, the film makers of Fat, Sick And Nearly Dead have teamed up with Breville to offer free online viewings (for a limited time) of this inspirational documentary via You Tube. Watch Australian businessman, Joe Cross, as he embarks on a monumental road trip across the USA. Share in his triumphant personal journey as he regains his health using plant based nutrition and inspires a movement across America. Follow this link to watch the film at no charge. 

Fast becoming a highlight on every animal lover’s calendar is the second annual We Love Life Festival which takes place in St Kilda from 22 – 28 April. This event celebrates all things relating to a cruelty free lifestyle, including health, fitness, education, compassion, conservation, shopping, cooking, music, dancing, art, beauty, and of course helping animals! The biggest days will be over the weekend of the 27 and 28, being held at the Eco Centre on Blessington street in St Kilda. Well worth making the trip into town for. For more details contact the BARN and we will email a flyer to you.

Early next month two Animal Studies teachers from the Warragul TAFE will be heading over to Thailand to participate in some voluntary veterinary work at Balinese animal shelters. They are currently collecting donations of money and medical supplies, (over-the-counter goods), which they will take over with them. If you would like to donate to their project please contact them directly via the details on this poster, or contact BARN as we will be collecting items on their behalf: 

You may like to keep your calendar free next month on Sunday 19 May. That is the date of the RSPCA’s Million Paws Walk. There is once again an event planned for the Warragul township. Details for Early Bird registration can be found at this link(Please note : Some animal rescuers choose NOT to support the RSPCA. You can visit the website of Saving Pets to read about their concerns.)


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”






We begin with some very good news this month, reporting that from 12 March the European Union has enforced a complete ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetics. The ban is in place for all countries across the European Union. The US is set to follow suit in the near future and we are hopeful that Australia will not be far behind. You can visit the website of Choose Cruelty Free to learn more about how you can help make this happen in Australia: 

On 15 March BARN will be holding an information table at the Twilight Fete of the Columba Catholic Primary School in Bunyip. We will be giving away leaflets and selling our doggy shampoo. The Fete runs from 3pm until 8pm. We hope some of you will visit the table and say hello to our volunteers. PLEASE BE AWARE: Fireworks are planned for 7:45pm that evening, to close the event. Please keep your animal friends safely contained on your premises while the fireworks are taking place.

The Pakenham show will be held on Saturday 16 March. For anyone interested in horse rescue, the team from Project Hope will be in attendance this year. Visit their website to learn more about their work for horses:

18 – 24 March is Australia’s inaugural Meat Free Week, an initiative of the animal protection group Voiceless. The website explains the various reasons for giving this a go, including the benefits to human health and the reduced impacts on the environment. There are also a bunch of delicious recipes listed there. For locals who may like to try some meat free dishes without the time constraints of cooking, the Bunyip Foodworks store has some excellent meat analogues. Our favourite is the product called Gourmet Burgers! (See photo below).    

A big part of caring for our native animals is actually caring for their natural environment, and March is a busy month for environmental events. Environmental events this month include World Forestry Day on the 21st, (which coincides with Harmony Day), World Water Day on the 22nd and Earth Hour on the 23rd. Visit their websites to learn more.

Animal Aid in Coldstream is holding their inaugural Pet Picnic at Lilydale Lake on Sunday 24 March from 11am until 3pm. For full details visit the events page of the Animal Aid website: 

BARN has two Animal Aid calendars to give away. Simply send us your name by email by the end of March and we will select two lucky winners to be the recipients of these beautiful calendars:

Thank you to Kathryn who gave us a bunch of brochures showing how to perform the CPR technique on cats and dogs, and also to Susan who sent us information on puppy farms, which can be viewed here at this website

Finally, please keep an eye out for a lost cat in the Bunyip township, as shown below. The family is missing their friend very much. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this pretty feline, please contact the BARN and we will put you in touch with the relevant people. Thank you in advance.  


lost cat davina         gourmet burgers


Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”






The BARN received a request recently that we remind locals that all cats need to be kept contained overnight, for their own safety as well as for the protection of the small native mammals they may be hunting. One of the simplest solutions is to use an enclosure which offers them a night-time play area while still keeping them safe. A link to some images of excellent enclosures is on the BARN’s TNR webpage:  

We are pleased to notify readers that local resident Sue Crees is now operating in the Bunyip area as a dog groomer. She can be contacted on 0409 415 001. We wish her all the best for her grooming business. 

Maryknoll wildlife carer, Jenny Mattingley, was featured on radio 3CR on Sunday 10 February. Jenny was interviewed on the talk show Freedom Of Species about her Mange Management program for wombats. Well done to Jenny and Reg for their excellent contribution to this issue. For more information on Mange Management visit:   

To listen to the podcast, and for more information regarding the Freedom Of Species talk show, (which has a specific focus on the social justice angle of animal protection), visit their 3CR webpage: 

Ex-patriot Dr Andrew Knight, a veterinarian and a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics in the UK, is visiting Australia this month to launch his new book, The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experimentation. The book has received rave reviews and has been referred to as the best publication ever written on the topic. The Melbourne launch takes place in the CBD on the evening of Thursday 21 February and is a free event. For more details about attending the launch or purchasing the book visit:    

On the same topic of animal experimentation, it may interest some locals to know that there is now an online support group for people who are current or former laboratory workers. This may be relevant to anyone whom has been involved with biomedical research, veterinary research, or has worked at the primate breeding facility in central Gippsland. The support group was created when it was discovered that many animal researchers were suffering with symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The support group is only open to those who have experienced or witnessed animal research first hand, and confidentiality is assured. For more details visit the website of the Laboratory Primate Advocacy Group: 

Please think twice before donating money to medical charities that test on animals. It is not only horrific for the animals, it can be traumatic for the workers, and it also leads to dangerously unreliable results when findings are applied to human beings. For a list of medical and health charities that do not fund animal research, visit the website of Humane Charities Australia:  

Cardinia Shire is having its Sustainability Expo on Saturday 23 February at the Cardinia Cultural Centre, Lakeside Boulevard in Pakenham. It runs from 10am until 3pm and some of the animal protection exhibitors that will be in attendance include Edgar’s Mission, The Orangutan Project, Wildlife Victoria and the Wilderness Society.



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My name is Kathryn Dewis. I work with the Winter Appeal for Victorian Animal Rescue Groups .  


We are currently seeking donations to help our furry friends down in Gippsland and Latrobe. Prompted by the devastation caused by the ongoing bushfires, we are working in conjunction with Pet Stock Pakenham and Pet Stock Traralgon to help both companion animals and displaced / injured wild life – everything from birds to kangaroos, cats and dogs to echidnas, and everything in between.


Animal first aid supplies, including bandages antiseptics, etc. are desperately needed. If you have anything that might be helpful, (including blankets, food, collars, leads, etc.), and which you would like to donate, please drop them off at Pet Stock Pakenham on Bald Hill Road. I am also receiving donations at  60 A’Beckett road in Bunyip.  




Please help if you can. There are already so many displaced animals. The smallest donation will make a world of difference to the animals and their carers. 


Kathryn Dewis.  0457 847 855








Project Hope is assisting owners who’ve been burnt out, with initial feed for desperate horses. 


The Lions Club are organising a hay drive for all stock in burnt areas:  


Please donate if you have surplus and / or mention it to those who have extra. 


Hay registers are managed by PHHWV:  and by TREW:  







Happy New Year! We have an exciting year ahead and look forward to inviting the local community into getting involved in some of our planned events.

It is kitten season again. Kitten adoptions can be arranged through the Domestic Animal Welfare Group Gippsland (DAWGG is based in Warragul) or through Sharon Cauzzo at Nar Nar Goon. DAWGG’s available kittens are posted on the Pet Rescue website and images of Sharon’s available kittens are now posted on the window of the Bunyip vet clinic.  

If anyone is able to donate cat / kitten food for this difficult time of year, DAWGG have a collection bin inside “Boomtown Pets” – a pet shop in Drouin’s main street which chooses not to sell puppies and kittens.

If anyone is interested in becoming a canine or feline foster carer, DAWGG is currently taking registrations of interest from local people. Contact DAWGG and leave your details with Helen on: 0438. 515 738    Please note that DAWGG will have a fundraising table in Drouin this Saturday January 19th at the Old Drouin Butter Factory’s “Community Garage Sale”. The venue is at 1 Main South Road in Drouin and the garage sale starts about 9am.  

In this challenging heat, remember that bushfire advice sheets are available through BARN, to help you prepare your animals if the worst case scenario should happen to threaten us again. Send us an email and we will get the information through for you:

Wildlife Rescue And Protection, (WRAP), functions across Gippsland as a network of shelters, rescuers and carers. If you would like to get involved in their work, make donations, enquire about training or support their work, visit the website to learn more: 

The BARN has added a bunch of new books and DVDs to the Lending Library. For any borrowing, simply send us a brief message telling us your requested topic of animal rescue or protection and we will endeavour to get a relevant list through to you.



Until next time… “ be kind to the kritters… ”