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Thank you to all who attended the Bunyip CFA Open Day on Sunday 25 November. It was a wonderful opportunity for local people to meet up and share information about preparing for the coming bushfire season. Anyone who missed out on the event, and who would like some material relating to dealing with animals during a bushfire, can contact the BARN via email and we will send some information sheets through for you:

On Sunday 2 December St Joseph’s Catholic church in Iona will be hosting a special concert by singer/songwriter Peter Kearney. The show will use drama and music to tell the story of St Francis, the patron saint of animals – it is sure to be a colourful and heartwarming event. The concert runs between 2.30 and 4.30pm. The cost is $5.00 per adult – children are free. For further information contact Karen (5629 4386) or June (5629 5865).

Are you interested in studying animal care but don’t have time to attend classes? There is now an online course available through the Australian College of Animal Care, designed specifically for those who would like to work in an animal shelter. Details of the course are linked here

Can you help? The BARN has homes ready for rescued hens. If you know of any hens that require a home please contact us via email and we will forward the information through to the relevant people:  

The BARN team has been busy in recent weeks, assisting in wildlife rescues and providing advice as needed. We traditionally take a break over the Christmas and New Year period, however, your emails will always be answered if help is required in the local area, and printed information can be mailed out to those who don’t have email access.

The BARN team wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday. Remember to keep your animals close to you if storms or fireworks are expected. (Phone numbers and microchip numbers on collars and tags are always helpful in getting lost animals home quickly.) Also, as we move into summer, we must be ever mindful of preventing heat stress and dehydration in our animal friends, particularly rabbits and poultry, who are highly susceptible.

Thank you to all whom have supported our activities during 2012, especially the Bunyip & District Community News who do a great job of publishing our monthly updates. We are looking forward to next year as there are lots of BARN activities in the pipeline for 2013. Stay tuned…

Our next printed update will be in late January. Until then, we have linked some amazing pictures herefor visitors to enjoy – unexpected images from around the world, showcasing some beautiful interspecies friendships – and a magnificent video of a pregnant Whale Shark being cut free from a rope entanglement by some compassionate divers.


Until next time…. “Be kind to the kritters”…





The winner of BARN’s 2012 Animal Photo Competition was announced on 4 October – World Animal Day. Congratulations to Ann Latham of Iona, whose winning photo appears on the BARN Photos webpage , along with two highly commended photos taken by Wendy Errington of Garfield and Lynette Brasier of Bunyip. The webpage also features a selection of additional images from  the 2012 competition. Thank you to the staff at the Bunyip Vet Clinic who had the difficult task of choosing the winning photo and thank you to Sandy Anderson from Vegan Pet who donated several cruelty-free pet food products that contributed to the total prize pool.

BARN volunteers were busy during October setting up our information table at various locations around town, including the foyer of the local supermarket on 6 October and at St Thomas’ Anglican church hall following the Blessing of the Animals mass on 7 October. Thank you to everyone who has visited our table, taken our literature and supported our activities. A range of photos related to our community interactions appear on the Events webpage.

Thursday 1 November is World Vegan Day, and November is World Vegan Month. Veganism exemplifies a compassionate lifestyle in which people avoid the use and consumption of all animal products. While most people make vegan choices for the purpose of reducing animal suffering, they quickly discover that such a pathway is also great for their personal health and great for the sustainability of the natural environment. More details on all of these aspects are available on the Speak For Animals website – (the same group which hosts our BARN webpages). For animal lovers who would enjoy experiencing a fun and friendly family-oriented festival, the World Vegan Day celebrationsof Melbourne will take place on Sunday 11 November at Princes Park in Carlton. The event has lots to offer, including live music, fabulous food, excellent shopping opportunities, interesting displays, and tonnes of useful information wrapped up in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It is a free event.

As summer approaches there will be some wildlife training opportunities available. We will include these in our monthly updates and will link them to the BARN webpages as we become aware of them. If you would like to be kept updated via email, please send us a message:  And please continue to log in your bandicoot sightings through the BVA website to help the wildlife researchers who are tracking the health and proliferation of our local bandicoot colonies.

The BARN will hold another info table at the local supermarket in coming weeks, and we will also be participating in the local CFA Open Day on Sunday 25 November. We look forward to meeting more members of our local community, handing out free literature and selling our new doggy shampoo, ($5 per bottle). All money raised will go towards helping animals. Come up and say hello, and tell us about your animal friends!

BARN members are advised that our end of year gathering will be announced soon. Stay tuned…



Until next time…. “Be kind to the kritters”…


                              Joel from Melbourne Vegan Strength Bodybuilding Group






Lots of news this month! First up, we are pleased to report that the African parrot – a Sun Conure – whom had been found in the Bunyip area during August, has now been safely returned to his family in Garfield. Thank you to all involved for the excellent networking which resulted in this happy outcome.

Saturday 23 September was the day BARN held its free screening of the film Peaceable Kingdom as part of the global campaign called WEEAC – Worldwide Events to End Animal Cruelty. Thank you to those who attended, and thank you to Sandy Anderson from Vegan Pet who provided the cruelty-free pet food products that were given away as door prizes on the day. It was an enjoyable afternoon and the BARN team welcomed some new friends. 

BARN was one of the lucky recipients of a local grant last month, courtesy of the Bunyip Community Shop. Thank you to Sue Beattie and all involved for awarding our team with a generous donation which was used to desex two dogs. It’s very heartwarming to know that the spare change we hand over when we purchase bargains from the local Op Shop will then go on to do so much more good for the local community. What a great job their volunteers do, which enables this kindness to take place for so many community groups!

The BARN’s 2012 Animal Photo Competition closed on 30 September. Once again, there were some amazing images submitted. Thank you to the staff at the Bunyip Vet Clinic who had the difficult task of choosing the winning photo. Congratulations to Ann Latham. Her winning photograph – along with a sample of other entries – is now published on the BARN photo page ! Thank you to everyone who submitted entries for this year’s competition. 

October 1 – 7 is now officially known as Be Kind To Animals Week. They offer a range of suggestions for individual or group activities that will benefit animal friends as we acknowledge the important role animals play in our lives. Primary school children who are now enjoying holidays might like to enter the national colouring competition for Be Kind To Animals Week, details of which can be found at this link.

The BARN is excited to present its first fundraising effort – we now have dog shampoo available, which is selling for $5 per 200ml bottle. The product is 100% natural, contains herbal oils to deter fleas, is certified cruelty-free (not tested on animals), and comes in recyclable containers. With the weather warming up, all those dogs who got themselves covered in mud during winter can finally be cleaned up and made to smell pretty. 

On Saturday 6 October the BARN will be setting up a display table in the foyer of the Bunyip Foodworks supermarket. Volunteers will be minding the table between 9am and midday. They will have a range of literature available to give away and they will be selling dog shampoo and dog cookies. All money raised will go towards helping animals. Come up and say hello, and tell us about your animal friends!

Every year, the first Sunday in October is a day when many churches offer a “Blessing of the Animals” service, which is centered around the anniversary of Saint Francis on the Christian calendar, (Saint Francis being the patron saint of animals). St Thomas’ Anglican church on A’Beckett road in Bunyip will offer the animal blessing at their 9.30am mass on Sunday 7 October. All animals are welcome – both human and non-human. This event is always lots of fun and the service is always followed by a friendly morning tea / afternoon tea in the church hall.


Until next time…. “Be kind to the kritters”…




We’ve made it through another wet winter and are now ready to enjoy some spring sunshine. Be sure to keep an eye out for snakes as the weather warms up – and remember that our local snake catcher, Geoff Lockwood, is not far away. For emergency snake removals he can be contacted on: 0428.352 203

Our local bandicoots will also be out and about more frequently in coming weeks. All bandicoot sightings can be reported via this link on the BVA website.

Do you know anybody who has lost an African parrot in recent days? The colourful bird showed up in the Bunyip area in late August. He is a friendly little guy and has obviously come from a loving home. Please direct all enquiries to the BARN via email:

The next BARN event is our free community screening of the incredible film Peaceable Kingdom, which had its Australian premiere in Melbourne last month. This film screening is part of WEEAC – Worldwide Events to End Animal Cruelty. We can only seat up to 40 people for this special screening so bookings are essential. Everybody is welcome, but please note that parental guidance would be recommended for young viewers. A guest speaker will be attending to introduce the film, and refreshments will be available. Contact the BARN to reserve seating:

Date: Sunday 23 September

Venue: Bunyip Hall Supper Room

Time: 1pm – 4pm 

Don’t forget, the 2012Animal Photo Competitioncloses on 30 September. The team at the Bunyip Vet Clinic will once again select the winning photo. There is no entry fee, and there are only three guidelines for submissions:

          * Photos must have been taken within West Gippsland

          * Photographers must reside within West Gippsland

          * Entries are limited to three photos per person

The winner will receive a lovely gift basket, and the winning photo will be displayed on the BARN’s Photo webpage in early October. Please send all images to:


Until next time…. “Be kind to the kritters”…







logo website version






The BARN team would like to extend our sincere thanks to Christine Peck, (acting on behalf of the Bunyip Volunteers Association), whom has been working with us during June and July to develop our new Network logo. We are thrilled with the finished product, shown above. The image incorporates the silhouette of our acronym, sheltering over a single paw print which represents the animal kingdoms.

Thanks to all who attended the BARN event on 7 July, which featured guest speaker, Ms Lefki Pavlidis, an environmental scientist and animal rescuer. Visitors hailed from almost every town between Pakenham and Warragul and all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon, catching up with old friends and making some new ones. A photo from the day is now on the EVENTS page.

Several months ago we made mention of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) which does some amazing work in Africa protecting endangered animals from poachers. The organisation was founded by a young man from the Mornington Peninsula – almost a neighbour to us here in Gippsland. Visit their website:  to learn more about their fantastic work, and if you would like to support them, donations can be made at any Bendigo bank, including our local branch.

          Account name: International Anti Poaching Foundation

          BSB: 633 000

          Account: 139.132 450 


The first day of August is traditionally recognised as the “horse’s birthday”. Anyone with a special interest in equine welfare is encouraged to visit the website of Project Hope and find out how to contribute to their efforts of horse protection in the Gippsland area:

Looking ahead to September, the BARN is now preparing for the annual WEEAC event – the Worldwide Event to End Animal Cruelty. This year we will be offering a free screening to the local community of the incredible film Peaceable Kingdom, (which has its Australian premiere in Melbourne on 2 August). The film introduces the audience to several farmers who have become animal rescuers, and those whom have viewed the footage have found it deeply moving. This will be a family-friendly event and our screening licence allows for up to 39 people. Visit the EVENTS page to read more about the film. Email the BARN to reserve your places:

Date: Sunday 23 September

Venue: Bunyip Hall Supper Room

Time: 1pm – 4pm 


Don’t forget, the 2012 Animal Photo Competition is in full swing. Entries have started rolling in. You have until 30 September to submit your photos. Please send your images to:

Until next time…. “Be kind to the kritters”…







July is National Desexing Month all around Australia, which means that now is a great time to arrange the speys and castrations that will prevent unexpected litters of pups and kittens. (See the official poster below, created by Alissa Appenzeller). Annual statistics reveal that more than a quarter of a million healthy cats and dogs are euthanased each year simply because there are not enough homes available for them. Visit the website of the National Desexing Network to read more about the 2012 campaign:

For the third consecutive year, the BARN is holding its Animal Photo Competition. Entries will be accepted between 1 July and 30 September, with the winning entry being announced on World Animal Day, (4 October). There are only three guidelines for submissions:

          * Photos must have been taken within West Gippsland

          * Photographers must reside within West Gippsland

          * Entries are limited to three photos per person

There is no entry fee, and the competition will once again be judged by the team at the Bunyip Vet Clinic. We look forward to receiving a wide variety of animal photos. Please send your images to: 

Guest speaker, Mrs Lefki Pavlidis, is coming to Bunyip on 7 July to talk to us about saving animals and saving the environment. Mrs Pavlidis is a senior scientist with the World Preservation Foundation and is a volunteer animal rescuer with Animal Liberation Victoria. The event will include afternoon tea and a film screening, and there is a requested donation of $5 per person to help cover costs. This will be a family-friendly event and seating will be limited so please email the BARN to reserve a place:  

Date: Saturday 7 July

Venue: Bunyip Hall Supper Room

Time: 1pm – 5pm

On Saturday 21 July Soi Dog Australia is holding an event to raise money which will go towards building a veterinary hospital at their headquarters in Thailand. The function is being run by some hard-working local people and will take place at the Dorset Gardens Hotel in Croydon. It starts at 6.30 pm and includes finger food, live music and guest speaker – Australian of the Year – Mr Philip Wollen. Tickets are $35 per head and more details can be accessed at this link or by emailing:

Can you offer a home to a farm cat? A local farm cat is seeking a new home due to a change in her guardian’s circumstances. She is about 4 years of age and is desexed, but she will require a special placement due to her timid nature and lack of social skills. With all rehomings of this kind it is essential for the newcomer to be contained for one month before being being allowed to explore the new premises. If anyone is able to help with such a situation, please contact the BARN : 

Finally, just a word on keeping our friends comfortable through winter. Arthritis can be particularly debilitating to our animal friends during the colder weather. Remember, there are a range of things that can be done to ease joint pain in older animals, including: anti-inflammatory medications, prescription diets, nutritional supplements, specialised exercise, customised bedding and environmental adjustments. Most of all, keep them warm and dry, and let’s hope we get some sunshine again soon!


Until next time…. “Be kind to the kritters”…



safe sex





June 5 is World Environment Day, and this annual event aims to raise awareness of how we can take better care of the earth and our fellow creatures. A great motto for this event is “Think Globally—Act Locally”… and there are two easy ways to help our local native animals — firstly, we can remove litter from their natural environment, and secondly, we can increase their habitat by planting native trees and shrubs. If you would like to source some native plants in the local area, here are some of our closest indigenous plant nurseries.

Do you know someone who is interested in studying a nationally accredited course in animal care? The Warragul campus of the GippsTAFE college is now enrolling its mid-year intake of students for the Certificate II in Animal Studies. For more details contact the Warragul campus directly by phoning 5622 8500 or visit this link which leads directly to the relevant information about the Animal Studies course. 

The next BARN event will take place in early July. Guest speaker, Ms Lefki Pavlidis, is coming to Bunyip to talk to us about saving animals and saving the environment. Ms Pavlidis is a senior scientist with the World Preservation Foundation and is also a volunteer animal rescuer with Animal Liberation Victoria. The afternoon will include light refreshments and a film screening, and there is a requested donation of $5 per person to help cover costs. This will be a family-friendly event and seating will be limited so please email the BARN to reserve a place:


Guest Speaker / Afternoon tea / Film screening

Date: Saturday 7 July

Time: 1pm – 5.00pm

Venue: Bunyip Hall Supper Room


There have been several enquiries about canine foster care in recent weeks. For anyone interested in offering foster care – or needing to place an animal in temporary care – please send an email to the BARN so we know where you are. We may be able to help you begin a dialogue with the relevant people. We also know of several small, young dogs needing permanent adoptive homes, so please contact us if you are looking for a new canine friend. 

Judging by the recent inclement weather, it looks like we are gearing up for a long, cold winter. Animal shelters can always use blankets and bedding so please keep this in mind if you are discarding any old linen or towels. Items such as blankets (and food) can always be dropped off at Kathryn’s house, 60 A’Beckett road, Bunyip, or call her to arrange a collection if necessary: 5629 5687.



Until next time…. “Be kind to the kritters”…









For many years, the last week of April has been traditionally dedicated to raising a global voice for the plight of animals in laboratories, and this year a group of delegates from Gippsland travelled into Melbourne to join with many others in condemning the cruelty of animal testing. Thank you to Haans, who sent us some photos from the day, a sample of which can be seen below. 

An animal rescuer from the Warragul area has been busy arranging a public donation bin for items of dog / cat food and other useful goods. The bin is located inside the Warragul Bendigo Bank, so those who find themselves in that area for school or work or shopping might like to place some much needed goods into the donation bin. Cat and dog food, plus bedding and blankets, will be passed onto Animal Aid. 

Bunyip locals – don’t forget Kathryn is still collecting goods in our town. Items can be dropped off at 60 A’Beckett road, or call to arrange collections of large or heavy items: 5629 5687.

There’s a new Facebook page up and running from the local area called the Domestic Animal Welfare Group Gippsland. The page administrator, Abby, has invited other local Facebookers to join the online group for updates about animal rescue in West Gippsland.  

The annual Million Paws Walk, which raises funds for the RSPCA, takes place this year on May 20. Unfortunately, in 2012 it will not be happening in Warragul. Locals who normally participate in the Warragul event may like to travel to either Sale (Central Gippsland) or Hastings (Mornington Peninsula) to take part. The Warragul event may run again next year if organisers can rally up enough volunteers to make it work. All enquiries or offers of assistance can be directed to the RSPCA on this dedicated number: 9224 2222

Finally, there are occasionally native animals handed to BARN members by locals from the Bunyip area. It is legally required that all such animals be passed on to a registered wildlife carer (or the closest vet, if necessary). Sometimes the BARN is in need of transporters who are able to safely transfer animals to one of the local wildlife shelters – Bayles, Nar Nar Goon or Jindivick. If any member of the community is available to assist with animal transport at any time, please send an email and make yourself known to us:  All offers of help are welcome.




rally 7         rally 9

(Gippslanders were amongst the many who promoted awareness of vivisection at Federation Square on April 28.)


Until next time…. “Be kind to the kritters”…






Thank you to those who attended the wombat training event last month. Jenny Mattingley from Maryknoll gave an excellent presentation to an enthusiastic group of about ten people. Thank you to Jenny for giving up her time to carry out the training. Some locals were unable to make it on that date as it clashed with the Pakenham Show, so we will try and arrange a second training session later in the year.

What lovely weather we had for the Bunyip Show. The BARN was very grateful to have been represented there this year. Thank you to the Show Committee for making room for us at the event, and thank you to the BARN volunteers who spent the day doing some PR work for the team – their tasks included doing “meet and greet” with locals, handing out free literature, and selling raffle tickets for Project Hope Horse Welfare.

In recent weeks the BARN has received lots of new communications from local residents. The animal network is growing rapidly and is particularly bountiful with local dog lovers. For that reason we are hoping to co-ordinate a community dog walk later in the year. If you would like to be kept in the loop for such an event, simply send us an email:

On Sunday 15 April the Bunyip township will enjoy a very special function — a Donkey Expo run by the Donkey Society of Victoria. The Expo will take place at the Pony Club grounds on Pound Road and is sure to be an enjoyable and educational day. Visit their website for more details:

Sunday 22 April is International Earth Day, intended to promote global sustainability. Their Footprint Calculator offers us a way to assess our personal impact on the planet. The way we choose to live affects all the other species with whom we share this world, and therefore reducing our individual eco-footprint is a great way to help our animal friends. For more information visit: 

Saturday 28 April is World Day for Animals in Laboratories which is a day to raise awareness of another form of animal cruelty. Every year in Australia between six and seven million animals are kept in research facilities and are used to test everything from cosmetics to military weapons. It must be pointed out that a large portion of the money donated to medical charities is also used to fund outdated and unethical animal based research. In our efforts toward a safer and more humane world, the BARN offers educational materials relating to this topic, and a DVD from Humane Research Australia is now available from our Lending Library.

There seems to have been an increase in bandicoot sightings in the Bunyip area in recent weeks, according to verbal reports given to BARN members. A quick reminder to locals that bandicoot sightings can be reported online using this electronic form through the BVA website.

If you’re looking for a new feline family member, please remember that adoption is the best option. Our local dedicated cat rescuer, Sharon Cauzzo from Nar Nar Goon, has notified the BARN about a dozen beautiful animals whom are currently seeking homes. Their friendly faces can be viewed via the following links: Page one and Page two(Please note that each page may take up to 30 seconds to download).


Until next time… “Be Kind to the Kritters”…









Since our last update there were three emails that went our regarding lost and found animals in Bunyip. Two of the three animals were reunited with their families, the third is still waiting to go home. She is a black and white Himalayan type cat with a distinctive green collar. She is being cared for by a kind local family, but please take a look at the photo below – someone might know where she belongs.

On the topic of lost and found, 3BBR FM radio in Drouin has a weekly episode called The Pet Files which is broadcast each Tuesday morning at 7.15am. It lists the companion animals that have ended up behind bars in the local pound, and those that are being offered for adoption by the Baw Baw Shire. Details of adoption, including costs and benefits, are also announced to encourage people to find their companions there.

On Sunday 11 March, local animal lover and popular chef, Ben Cadby, is leaving town to begin a lengthy road trip around Australia. His starting point will be Devonport, Tasmania, and on his travels he will be promoting veganism and showing people just how easy it is to live an animal-friendly lifestyle. For so many locals, having enjoyed Ben’s gourmet cooking at various venues around West Gippsland, his departure will be a great loss, but his journey can be followed via a webpage that has been dedicated to his trip:   His many friends, plus multitudes of restaurant / cafe` patrons, wish him all the very best for this expedition.

There are two wildlife training events coming up this month and there is no cost involved for either event: Firstly, Gumbuya Park in Tynong is holding a Wildlife Volunteer Information Session on Sunday 11 March between 1 and 2pm. To make a booking, contact the park on 5629 2613. Secondly, the BARN is hosting a Wombat Mange Treatment Training Session on Saturday 17 March at the Bunyip Community House between 10am and midday. Places are limited. To reserve a seat please send an email to:

Once again, the Seventh Day Adventist church of Warragul is hosting a series of three vegetarian cooking workshops at the Drouin Secondary College. They are taking place Monday evenings, 5, 12 and 19 of March starting at 7pm. Cost is $10 per session and cookbooks will be available for $5. Registration is required and bookings can be made by calling Leslie on 5622.0695 or 0414. 836.148.

Are you interested in the rescue of native waterbirds? The Victorian duck hunting season for 2012 will run from mid March until mid June, and the bird rescue team will need lots of extra hands to assist with collecting a variety of injured bird species and transporting them to appropriate veterinary care. If you’d like to join the bird rescue team please contact the BARN and we will forward relevant details: 

As mentioned last month, there will be a wildlife fundraiser on the Mornington Peninsula on Sunday 18 March at the Morning Star Estate in Mount Eliza: ( ). The event is raising funds in support of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation. They have some great musical acts performing on the day so be sure to visit the website and check out what is on offer.


Do you recognise this cat?

lost cat collarlost feline









Until next time…. “Be kind to the kritters”…






Happy New Year to you and your kritters.

First up, we’d like to notify you about a new wildlife magazine that surfaced late last year. It’s an attractive Australian publication called Wildlife Secrets and we highly recommend it. You can visit the website to view some of the content and to learn about subscription information:

Maryknoll wildlife educator, Jenny Mattingley, is kindly offering to hold a training session in Bunyip for anyone interested in learning how to safely treat wombats for mange. Mange is a debilitating condition that is having a huge impact on our local wombat populations. Expressions of interest can be sent to the BARN via email:    We only need a handful of people to get this session underway, so we look forward to hearing from you soon.

For locals who are frequent Facebook users, there are lots of animal related Facebook pages which may be of interest. There is a page advertising missing pets, and other pages promoting a dog walking group,   a rescue & rehoming service and  a no-kill animal shelter. You will need to be logged into Facebook to view these pages,  but all projects are conveniently based within the Cardinia Shire.

Do you know someone who is looking to adopt a kitten? There are three local vet clinics that can assist with kitten adoptions: the West Gippsland clinic in Warragul, the Racecourse road clinic in Pakenham, and the Main street clinic, also in Pakenham. Please consider saving a life – because adoption is by far the best option!

Well done to local resident, Kathryn Dewis, who continues to collect goods for various animal rescue groups. If you have any spare blankets, towels, toys, treats, collars and leads, or wet and dry dog and cat food, these items can be left at Kathryn’s house: 60 A’Beckett Road in Bunyip. No need to make contact, simply leave your items in the donation basket at the front of the house. If your items for donation are too large for you to deliver, please phone Kathryn and a pick up can be arranged: 5629 5687.

There are some interesting events coming up in March, including a spectacular wildlife fundraiser on the Mornington Peninsula ( ) in support of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation, and a farewell party for local animal lover Ben Cadby as he sets off on a road trip adventure around Australia to promote the cruelty-free lifestyle. More details in next month’s update.

The BARN team looks forward to providing ongoing practical assistance to the local Bunyip community in 2012.