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There are several projects being hosted here:

* VEGAN Information

* International Anti-Vivisection

* Bunyip  Animal  Rescue  Network

* Interspecies Communication Australia
On behalf of all projects, SPEAK would like to send a big thank you to Cass at Horse Whispers for sponsoring our home on the web, and helping us to promote a better world for all sentient beings.



Why Vegan ? … because…


…there is enough plant based food on the planet to feed the population

…a plant based diet can prevent and reverse diseases in the human body

…animal agriculture causes deforestation as well as air and water pollution

…billions of animals unnecessarily live horrible lives and die horrible deaths

…right now we are lucky enough to be able to make compassionate choices

…as people of spiritual sincerity we make choices out of consideration for all


For the People… For the Planet… For the Animals…



Please visit: NonViolenceUnited.org